Tasty Vegetarian Recipe’s w/ Refika | Learning To Cook Like A Chef & Easy Healthy Recipes | Sanne

Tasty Vegetarian Recipe’s w/ Refika | Easy Turkish Cuisine Lessons From My Favorite Turkish Chef, Eggplant Recipes That Everyone Can Make At Home, …


  1. More videos like this please ❤❤

  2. Refika reis senin burada ne işin var

  3. the opening video clips are so beautiful

  4. The ingredients are similar to baba ghanoush, which I love. We have Turkish relatives and their food is so expertly seasoned.

  5. How I combat anxiety: I sit down,pray. And then I listen to some good music to relax myself from the present situation and I talk to myself saying that everything will be fine and I just have to wait the right moment.

    About your video: it is great and any word can express how good it is! It should have a Oscar for influencers that give so much effort and time on youtube,instagram etc. Also congratulations for the award, I hope you can accomplish so much more!

    About the description: I loved this letter (I use this name because it is so well done and cute).

    Sanne thank you for all the effort you put on your work! You are a great model,an excellent influencer and a best friend!

  6. I wanna cook that because that looks so healthy and delicious!

  7. These videos are amazing, you've really taken it to the next level Sanne! That eggplant dish looked amazing. I'm drooling!

  8. That kitchen is beautifully earthy!!

  9. Hülya Koçyiğit

    Omg ı can’t believe this.When first I see this I couldn’t believe my eyes.Refika is one of the best in the kitchen and this video is proof of that.It’s so nice that Sanne spend time to know a different culture and different tastes.Keep do it like that ✨

  10. You are the most amazing model in the world! You're so sweet and natural. We would like to see you more in our country. We have so many delicious recipe you'll like and now you can learn them from best cook in the turkey. You are lucky.

  11. OMG that spice rack is amazing.

  12. Anyone likes her glowing blouse? So pretty! Where did you get that @ Sanne?

  13. I have to say that this was pretty unexpected and it shows how incredibly well worked out your content is. This is not skimming a culture (which is also ok by the way), but capturing the current essence of it. Very well done!

  14. Great video – thanks!

  15. Refika❤️❤️

  16. Yummy Yummy !!guten Appitit Sanne !!

  17. Severek takip ettiğim iki kanal ve muhteşem bir meze!Sevgiler Sanne ve Refika!Two channels which I love to follow and a marvelous meze!Best regrads Refika and Sanne!

  18. Bad chef bad cook!! She has no idea

  19. Refika and Sanne!This is great!! Refika, for being in a video like this.

     I'm happy. Ve Refika okuyacağını biliyorumm seni seviyorumm:)) :333

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