Tasty Vegetarian Recipes: A Simple and Delicious Jackfruit Kofta Curry – Indian Food

A great ingredient that often gets ignored in mainstream cooking, the jackfruit is lip-smackingly delicious. These yummy and easy deep-fried jackfruit dumplings …


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  2. arpita Shrivastava

    Nice recipe.. Adding garam masala to the dumplings and to the gravy will add to the taste. Also adding bay leaves, Anistar and Cinnamon sticks to the hot oil before adding onions will give gravy a nice aroma.

  3. dilisious and clearly explained

  4. Indian Youtuber

    Mouth Watering <3 Reminds me of jack-fruit Kofta prepared by my mom. Missing mom ke haath ka bana khana. Love you Mummy. Can't wait to see her next month <3 <3 <3 Thanks for this video Team Glamrs <3

  5. i am new to your channel and i love your videos

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