Tasty Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes (Healthy + Easy!)

Here are 3 easy, healthy, and vegan recipes that you can make for your friends and family this Thanksgiving or Holiday Season! All of the recipes will be linked …


  1. Maybe something off with the lighting. When you showed the plate of food, cornbread looked kind of anemic. Was going to suggest adding tumeric but you did. Looked better when it was shown by itself.
    (Sorry, I'm disagreeing with others' comments on the lipstick, kind of overpower everything else and you are really cute without it.)
    Not vegan, but dairy/gluten/yeast free right now. Going to friends house for Thanksgiving. May need to make some of that gravy to take and I usually take some kind of clean veggie, as in not full of fat/dairy/sugar.
    I don't like stuffing. Really don't know why you would waste good bread and turn it into a soggy mess. Cornbread much better option for a carb. And roasted veggies are a fabulous sub for the stuffing!
    Lentils: interesting idea to mix the 2 kinds. Could you just start with less water so not so much fuss draining? And keep the liquid, would be great in a soup or for cooking veggies in.

  2. Lazy Jay - Lifestyle, Food, Motherhood

    I'm going to have to be the one that cooks dinner this year for christmas so I'm stealing all the vegan thanksgiving recipes out there to try and help!

  3. It's just one meal?! Sounds like you don't have to eat Thanksgiving food from Thursday afternoon to Saturday afternoon until it's all gone. And it better be all gone by Saturday because that's post-Thanksgiving pizza night lol Here I am stressing over what I'm going to bring and cook for 6 days out of town with my family. Thanks for the video!

  4. Your lipstick looks beautiful and I was about to comment this just before you said you were regretting wearing it lol

  5. Yummy!! And that lipstick is gorgeous on you!!

  6. I wish you showed all the measurements. Saying “some” of an ingredient when baking could mess up the recipe if we don’t guess properly

  7. I think I am going to try this cornbread recipe. It will go really good with my perfect Tofurkey (I just made a video!). The lipstick looks great, but I understand about not wanting to smear it!

  8. I made a lentil loaf last year for thanksgiving and it was super flavorful, firm, and "meaty". It is very similar to yours, except i added raisins which are a great contrasting flavor with the other ingredients. Your tahini gravy looks like i great idea, i will give that a try..

  9. Evolution of Masha

    Lentil loaves all over the world have been saved with that straining tip. Duh!

  10. Thank you.. It looks Delicious!

  11. Thumbs up for the wonderful recipes, inspiration and good advice. BIG THUMBS UP FOR YOUR MAKE UP!! (LOVE THOSE MOVES, TOO!)

  12. yummmmm

  13. omg you look so good in red lipstick!!!!!!!


  15. You do not need makeup love

  16. the cornbread is probably my favorite recipe of yours EVER I can eat a whole tray in one sitting

  17. It's funny how "vegan" recipes have to include the word tasty as a descriptor, otherwise, it will be assumed it isn't.

  18. Love the color on your lips! Looks great!

  19. Please vlog Friendsgiving!!

  20. Oooh, that lentil loaf looks amazing!

  21. Hippie Mountain Mama

    I believe your gravy recipe is in the video from last year’s thanksgiving video.. only because I just watched it the other day! Just a FYI to all who are trying to find it.. the video for thanksgiving under two hours ❤️❤️

  22. At 2:52 your voiceover says "a tablespoon each of baking powder and baking soda" but the spoons looked small and also that seemed like kind of a lot so I checked the link and the actual recipe calls for just a teaspoon each… just thought I'd mention that for anyone who is making this following along to the video! Very curious to try this!

  23. miss your vlogs :((

  24. I’m not vegan but I am trying to incorporate more plant-based stuff into my diet and I love finding easy recipes. This stuff looks so good!! Thank you for sharing!

  25. Im not vegan, but im transitioning to dairy free vegetarian at the moment (baby steps)…that lentil loaf looks bomb. Definetly trying the cornbread tonighy

  26. Looks good! I like that your loaf recipe doesn’t require a food processor ( mine is ancient)

  27. the lentil loaf looks amazing, but I'm allergic to flax seed. any substitution suggestions?

  28. Thank u so much 4 this video!!!!

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