TASTY Indian STREET FOOD Tour DEEP in Varanasi, INDIA | MESSY + CHEAP CURRY and Vegetarian HEAVEN!

AMAZING Indian Street Food Tour in Varanasi, India! We tried some of the BEST and most TASTY street food in India, and is a TRUE curry HEAVEN! DEEP in the alleyways, you can eat street Food…


  1. HUGE Thank you to Anubhav from DELHI FOOD WALKS for showing us around DEEP in Varanasi!! You can check him out here http://www.instagram.com/delhifoodwalks , he gives amazing food walks!! And please let me know what you thought about this video! We are in Mexico now and our next video is coming up from Mexico City! Make sure you’re following us on Instagram for behind the scenes stories and photos here: http://www.instagram.com/thefoodranger . I would love to hear from you in the comments below! Thanks so much for watching these food and travel videos, I hope you’re doing well and eating well!

  2. I ate 2 big Macs by myself then my mom called me a cow. Told her in India I would be worshipped.

  3. Trevor, Dumplings cooked in cow dung? Oh son I worry about you sometimes

  4. SakibSayem Chowdhury

    H O L Y W A T E R..

  5. I love to buy the tshirt , im in the Phillipines where could i buy it?

  6. Beautiful places

  7. Come to malaysia and i let you taste the real taste at malaysia! Just email me for a walk and a little tour of the spicyness food around malaysia.

  8. Rate your diarrhea

  9. food looks like it would taste great but the hygiene standards are just appalling

  10. You really went balls DEEP into Varanasi this time. Wow.

  11. that really looks yummy

  12. They scammed him…..

  13. Cow dung, um no thanks….

  14. Amratanshu Parashar

    that "holy cow dung" thing was smooth Trevor 😀 😀

  15. Did you rate those sweet lassi milk things?

  16. Vedio pasand aaye to like kare

  17. you should have tried the Rabri@trevor

  18. Love the cow dung fuel. Will solve climate change problems of coal, fossil fuels.. 🙂

  19. Trev looking thin…

  20. Desi Village Foods

    Absolutely delicious and Yummy foods you explore. I think I have fallen in love with your special food and travel videos. Mind-blowing Job…

  21. Googlie Googlinkty

    Wow! Wow! getting yum and yummier……tongue tickling food….fascinating and awesome. thanks guys

  22. Great video Trevor love it…

  23. "When you take the cowdung dumplings"

  24. QUESTION: Do you ever get sick in india? I am going next month, just wonder what to avoid?

  25. Where r u at the you at this time

  26. Wow! Great video! Now I feel I've got to go to Varanasi.

  27. Love your videos, and you have chosen a beautiful guider. Looking forward to your next video.

  28. Wherever you go in india…. sounds like horn everywhere


  30. Uttar Pradesh is most dense and backward state of india

  31. How often do you get food poison from the food you eat abroad, and is that a big concern for you?

  32. Wow, cooking directly in coals and ash is just about the oldest cooking technique on earth. It's cool to see that people still do it that Way.

  33. What an amazing city. It's officially made my travel bucket list.The

  34. You, Mark Wiens, and Strictly Dumpling my favs.

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