Sweet Vegan Brunch Ideas (Healthy + Easy)

Here are two yummy vegan recipes that would be perfect for a weekend brunch! Would you rather dig into these vegan blender waffles or this berry crumble first …


  1. Could I freeze these and toast them along the week?

  2. Yum to both! I’ll have the crumble over my waffles and I’ll be in pure food heaven!!

  3. Shaneska Melendez

    I want both for brunch lol

  4. They both look yummy, but the waffles would be my favorite

  5. Wink Dinkerman

    I say waffles for breakfast the crumble for brunch and then again for dinner why not

  6. Hey Caitlin, I would really like to know where you get your shirts from – they always look so cute :))

  7. Yummy recipes as usual

  8. MacKenzie Bonomini

    That berry crumble looks amazing

  9. Can you freeze waffles?

  10. Kelly-Marie Moore

    I love your videos. I skip breakfast a lot ( or I have dry fruit and nuts and a heaped spoon of vegan yogurt ) I’ve found there’s a farm shop near me with tons of fruit and veg. I’m going tomorrow for the first time. I’m so excited!!

  11. Francesca Richter

    Is there a good substitute for the almond flour? More oats for example? Almond flour is quite expensive where I live and I don't know if I will be having any good use for it in the future 🙁

  12. Waffles for brunch and after that the crumble as dessert,..so good!!

  13. The Vegan Hippie

    I'll take some of that crumble please. It looks so good. Do you think cashew butter would work too?

  14. Mackenzie Bell

    Berry crumble!!

  15. Just wondering if you'd ever consider doing a grain free video. I just found out I can't eat grains and I'm dying for good recipes. Everything I've tried is so dry and sad. I love your channel and recipes so I'd trust what you make.

  16. The crumble loooks bommmbbb !

  17. Brenda Contreras

    I made the berry crumble, and it was delicious. I turned it into a mini pie. Love the crust.

  18. Yum! Both! I was just thinking about making a crumble!!

  19. Jeniffer Smith

    wow the crumble looks bomb

  20. Can I substitute the apple cider vinegar for lemon juice on the waffle recipe?

  21. waaaaaffles!!

  22. I will surely be making both of these recipes!

  23. Veganism is terrible

  24. おいしそう

  25. small footprint

    Great ideas, Caitlin.

  26. Susan Drochner

    Waffles for sure.

  27. Where is the link to the waffle iron?

  28. Karvel Robinson

    Where is the waffle maker from? I dont see the link.

  29. Gummibär Gorilla

    Little tip if you want to reheat waffles just pop them in the toaster. Itll make them nice and crispy again

  30. I’m not vegan but these look really delicious! Will be substituting regular dairy yogurt and honey instead of coconut yogurt and maple syrup but I’m sure they’ll still taste good! Thanks C!

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