“Surinamese Brown Beans Recipe” “Delicious Vegetarian Recipes From Suriname” [ASMR]

https://youtu.be/Cqgjibep3cE “Surinamese Brown Beans Recipe” “Delicious Vegetarian Recipes From Suriname” [ASMR] Ear to Taste Cooking Trigger …


  1. heel lekker hoor ga zo door

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    Meryem of Morocco with weird ideas of more than 1433 years old uses in 2016 and I got to make jokes about it does not mean that I must also agree with your fantasies from the stone age. And that does not mean I'm racist Meryem. You have a barbaric way of thinking brainwashed and I am straight person in 2016. I also do not commit mass murders worldwide from extreme hatred .. that's racist. Now you are a bit wiser Meryem. You get free lessons in 2016.
    Look at my massage channel that I was 34 years 7 days 24 hours help all races. 60% of my clients were Muslim women!!!
    3 to 8 women per day !!!
    The difference is that humor is FICTITIOUS and that you are radical and protects serial killers because my humor is really about serial killers and radicals and not about you. But what do you want if your brains had no chance in the Sahara with high temperatures all has evaporated you can not read and understand. You're frantically working on that fake ideology. 72 virgins? and globally suppress living women, rape and murder? you in a burqa and Ali in the whores neighborhood ? smoking, alcohol, drugs, innocent races / cultures / babies / children / women / men massacres? Meryem and you're worried about FICTITIOUS HUMOR?

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    Humor is FICTITIOUS. It has NOTHING to do with your anonymous profile. I do not know who you are behind those empty anonymous profiles. Humor is about terrorists, radicals (serial killers) and a Belgian, a Dutchman or a Moroccan because it is fictional. You do not know for who the joke is made. So the hypocritical mindless Meryem who criticize humor but do not criticize the serial killers coming from her genes.. is more about that stone age thinking who hate everything .. except criticize the killings of innocents. This hypocritical fanatic hates humor especially when you talk about a Moroccan.. then she stand immediately on her rear legs. If the humor is about a Belgian or Dutchman you will not hear Meryem from Morocco. Then she laughs.. hypocrite!

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    If you act like a pork.. I will treat you like a pork
    because Allah says that you always will lose!!!
    You will only have the poor dry desert and 1 goat and 1 blow job hehe 🙂

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    1 Moroccan Troll is active with 2 Fake accounts to click on the dislike button:

    Hanane Abbadi (account created on 5 dec. 2015)

    Youssra Jouhri (account created on 17 dec. 2015)

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