Super Bowl Party Food Ideas + Vegetarian Option!

Hey guys! In today’s video I show you guys some really easy Super Bowl recipes, delicious Super Bowl party food ideas and easy diy Super Bowl party decor!


  1. nice video! there is nothing wrong with veggys! but hey… christmas and the superbowl happens only one time a year!
    im prepared with BEER Wings and smoked PP^^ greetings from germany.
    btw i dont give a fuck at my calorie intake at this day!

  2. I love Mexican food, I grew up on it, my dad is Mexican American so I traveled to Mexico a lot when I was younger to visit family.

  3. kaitlyn lafontaine

    Omg all of those look so good!

  4. Helena Babiakova

    Everything looks YUUM!!! ❤

  5. Dark Blue Nutrition

    Never thought of adding Greek yogurt to guacamole- I'll have to try this!!

  6. I love the tofu filling idea! I've never thought of that and do miss tacos haha, will def be trying it

  7. lizette patricio

    your so awesome Brittany I love you sooo much and I really want to see a get together party diys pleaseee

  8. Helena Rodriguez

    oh great now I want tacos!
    just kidding I always want tacos I'm Mexican ♡

  9. lizette patricio

    I love you Brittany

  10. EARLY

  11. The intro is making me hungry!!!!

  12. ilove your diy vedios

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