Sunday Food Diary Syn Free Laziest Vegetarian Chilli Recipe

Another slimming world friendly recipe… Ingredients: I also post on facebook where I also answer questions and suggest additional tips/kitchen items that will …


  1. PointingTheWeigh

    There truly are some pathetic, sad, jealous people around…IGNORE the trolls, they seriously have the problems, clearly not happy with themselves. You are worth more than to listen to them, they aren't worth giving any time to.
    I LOVE your vids…KEEP EM COMING xx

  2. Brenda Mccluskey

    my son walked past when you said about the horrible person calling you fat was so funny he said cheeky b****rd calling sharon names hes 21 and he was serious too x

  3. I hope you blocked them – no one needs that sort of negativity in their life! If they don't like what you do – don't bloomin watch you! Don't let their negativity motivate you please – let positivity motivate you xx love your ideas you motivate me x

  4. Yay, Depeche Mode: Enjoy the Silence and Everything Counts are my faves : ) So awful to hear more people have lost their lives needlessly… Don't give the haters any attention xx

  5. Miriam o'leary

    That's mean that message. Just don't give it any energy. Finding lately when people say things like that  or something negative I think why think about it over and over again and give it energy.  It says more about that person.Your trying your best and you never give up. That's what I love about these videos. People are so hard and judgemental on others today they would all want to lighten up.

  6. Good for you sharon xxx ruddy balls to em …. you normally find people who pick holes in outhers is due to there own lack of in life xxxx all my love lady xxx

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