Summer Weight Loss Diet Plan 10 kgs – Full Day Meal Plan/Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast

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  1. Jobanpreet Singh

    great mam
    I have reduced 6 kg in 21 days n wana loose more than 15 kg

  2. Morning time no parantha no roti mam ???

  3. Learn Languages With Yogee

    Check out the internet… you'll come to know they are not the same… earlier I too thought they were the same

  4. Learn Languages With Yogee

    Chia seeds or sabza seeds… does it make a difference

  5. Please do video on coconut curd

  6. Any substitute for channa bowl?

  7. I have small kidney stones… Shall I use these…

  8. hi mam shud we eat the fruit pieces used in the juice mentioned ?

  9. Chia seeds and sabja seeds same or different

  10. Instead of chia seeds shall I have Apple cider vinegar

  11. Lavanya Udayakumar Udayakumar

    I have thyroid problem.. can I take chia seeds

  12. Mam instead curd rice and buttermilk any alternat thing I can eat

  13. Ur dietitian ha mam I want some studies information from uh mam if uh free means reply me mam

  14. can we take this infuse water in winter also,plzzz reply

  15. You are a super women making thousands of lives better. I request you to please make a video for winter weight loss

  16. What are Chiaa seeds ?

  17. Ayesha Sahar Siddiqui

    I dont have pomogrante and orange in this season. Substitue?

  18. Χριστίνα Μαγιάφη

    Can I contact u to ask u some things because I have destroy my metabolism

  19. Mam plss tell m allergic to honey,Can i take chia seeds nly with lemon plss reply, n ma husband has white spots he cannot take lemon, so plss reply how he can take chia seeds to loose weight

  20. Weightloss forsummer

    I loved this. Thanks to share.

  21. Started today, let's see what happens in the next 10 days.

  22. shall i skip d mid morn drink

  23. Devaangna.M Arya

    What are moringo leaves

  24. Mam i m a working women.after delivery i gained weight also i lose my skin colour.pls suggest me good diet to overcome ths problems.

  25. Ma'am i have taken your 10 days 10kgs weightloss diet plan. I have loss 2.5 kgs. Ma'am can i follow this summer diet plan for lose more weight? I have to lose almost 17kgs. Now i am taking normal foods. Ma'am plz help me.

  26. sivapriya nithyanantham

    Mam instead of rice shall we use buckwheat(its rleated to wheat)

  27. Ma'am, are mangoes good for weight loss?

  28. is couscous is called chia seed???please reply

  29. Detox water ka time period kitna hota h kbse kb tk use krskte h? Plz tell me

  30. ma'am i have learned that chia seeds may effect on our that true??!

  31. I will try

  32. Can I use Moringa leaves powder instead of fresh leaves in the chana salad? If yes, how much should be the quantity?

  33. Basheera Sultana

    Is chia seed and sabza are same.. please reply

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