Successful Meal Prep Tips | Weight Loss + Vegan

In this video, I talk about how I have a successful meal prep. The tips I provide you help me keep on track during the week and to never get bored with the food I …


  1. I feel like meal prepping would make the world of difference for me!! loved the tips and tricks!

  2. loved this! one the of simplest vegan meal prep videos ive watched. loved all the tips x

  3. roasted veggies are the best! My favorites to roast together are potatoes, onions, and carrots–so yummy. Oh, and roasting broccoli on the grill is the bomb–a hint of vegan butter and salt.  Thanks for your tips–I don't have the dedication to meal prep every week but I do get it done a couple of times a month.

  4. delorian carter

    awesome video.. Love your energy and tips.. Congrats on your weight loss and have a happy journey..

  5. PBJ Plant based Julie

    Use parchment paper instead of oil. Oil is a waste of calories and it has no nutrients

  6. Yay vegan!!!

  7. Omg love you & these tips! I've been sooo bored with my meal preps love the idea of just storing it in the fridge

  8. Love your energy!!!!

  9. You're so pretty <3

  10. great ideas, thank you!!!

  11. thank you so much this really helped!

  12. holllisss Palmieri

    are you vegan? sorry i just found your youtube !

  13. North Shore Riding

    Sending you some happy vegan vibes.

  14. My tip to not get tired of the same food 5 (or even 7) days in a row is to make one more meal than you actually need and freeze it. Because then you can take it out of the freezer the next week to switch things up. I'vr been doing it since I started meal prepping and it really helped me not to get bored.

  15. I really enjoyed this. So glad I came across your channel. Very motivating! Thank you 🙂

  16. glad i found ur channel

  17. yesss this is awesome

  18. Love meal prep & all the tips too!!! People think we have to be super elaborate about what you eat but you really don't have to lol!! Ill usually have one elaborate/fun meal & the rest easy stuff lol.

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