SPIRITUAL Dosa Vegetarian Food in Hyderabad // SOUTH INDIAN FOOD Tour #12

Prepare to behold some dosa Indian vegetarian food! Welcome to the best veg South Indian Food Tour #12 in Hyderabad, India. If you want to see the BEST …


  1. Any thing that goes with Yogurt is eaten last

  2. Just how ass blisteringly hot is it in India right now?

  3. Why do I dislike onion, it makes me miss out on life altering food. Cure me Maharaja Holy Dawgs.

  4. Please make more Indian videos.. They are fun to watch… Thanks !!

  5. yo Dustin, plants are people too dawgg

  6. is there any American food you miss? or anything that just isnt right? i heard bagels are very hard to find in the east. great video im fucking STARVING, bby c4k3s.

  7. I may be a Masculine Meat-Eating Mofo, but damn that stuff looks Edible, dear I say incredible. Need that in my life like I need to blink, bit I'd give blinking up for a chance to try life changing food like that.

  8. Pesarattu made with whole green lentils, a high protein breakfast also comes with upma, and ginger chutney , you just need to mention.

  9. Shubham Chaudhary

    u should hv tried briyani…and poori with aaloo pyaaj sabji

  10. where are u going to chow next??

  11. You are best food reviwer

  12. you should run in the streets in the evening and try Mirapakaya bajji it is spicy as a top striper in a vegas strip club

  13. Do visit Lucknow for adding another dimension to your Indian Cuisine experience. Do try galawati and kakori kebabs of tundey mian at Lucknow.

  14. Fredericko Kurniawan

    you moves to india?

  15. Chiranjeev Singh

    +SoloTravelBlog hey go to ladakh if u can

  16. There is something BUCKWILD about the fact that you get your hands all nice and messy while consuming innocent ORGANISMS. In other words, nice fucking consumption right there.

  17. oh my holy Hanuman!!!! MLA dosa looka awesome, i should try sometime.

  18. Reply me Stb

  19. MrTacoburrito10

    I'm going to Chutney my panties for you baby buuu

  20. you dont know how to eat but i like ur vdos

  21. I think you got delhi belly sweet cheeks after eating buckwild non vegetarian food on the go..Take care baby cakes

  22. You got that dosa ripping action down, sweetie buns! You've basically become an honorary Indian.

  23. Void Discrepancy

    I've got to get me one of them dosas. Looks deee-licious.

  24. I hate upma.. Don't think I will like this MLA dosa.. But I *LOVE the regular masala dosa..

  25. If you're still in Hyderabad, would love to take you to more rad off the beat dosas and some chaat or authentic Hyderabadi kebab cuisine..

  26. I think the word chutney has lost all meaning to me

  27. Shruti Balabhadra

    just an advice, while taking a food item from a common dish( for example the chutney, which is kept as a common dish ) it is better to take it from the hand which you don't use for eating(your left hand in this case) as it is considered unhygienic to use the same had with which you eat your food , since we normally don't use cutlery for Indian food.

  28. Been hooked to your videos Dustin. Can ya actually blame me?

  29. Got dat one handed technique poppin off in here.

  30. Govardhan Balaji

    Yeah you listened to me, sweety buns! Hope you liked my buckwild suggestion!

  31. mohammedrafik nareja

    mix d likings of Ur chutneys for ultimate combo flavors dude

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