Spinach & Sesame Vegetarian Dish (Japanese traditional cooking): Rio's cooking show

Welcome back to Rio’s cooking show! Let’s make a Japanese side-dish with a special guest! The ingredients & costs are (2 servings): 70 yen / person Spinach …


  1. I still watch there all videos to support them love from India

  2. Love the cardboard Grace

  3. That’s why have big muscles

  4. I am an Indian, so we like very spicy food. But one day, bored out of overcooked food, I tried making this and it tasted awesome. This is taste in simplicity!

  5. i love your joke that why you need to work out? so you can squeeze the spinach LOL! you remind me of my fav character, POPEYES!

  6. You are too cute !!

  7. Healthiest

  8. God, I miss watching you guys’ videos so much. T.T

  9. Haha..he's acting cute.,well,he's real good on that. N i'm jealous with his muscle.

  10. Japanese Food: How to clean a whelk and make sushi? https://www.youtube.com/watch?

  11. Can put in refrigerator? And how Long?

  12. i miss you dude

  13. This must be my favourite video x)

  14. bahhaha ☆

  15. you are incredible adorable!
    + one follower

  16. Ryosuke is so delightful. I couldn't stop smiling hahaha (also I learned how to make this now yay!)

  17. I think Ryosuke is one of my favourite people ^^

  18. You guys are so cute….. love u guys…..!! The cooking video is a good idea…..!! its a fun video….

  19. i love simple dishes!

  20. good job ryosuke! even if Grace is busy outside with work, you are still making the video awesome and great!
    adorable and cute job! well done! Grace would be proud!

  21. Ryosuke is so funny! I just got addicted to your cooking series. I'm having dinner while watching this. Domo arigatou.

  22. are the sesame toasted? or do you eat them raw?

  23. Lol he's funny!

  24. Ryouske I love your cooking videos please do not hesitate to make more. Warm Regards from Suriname South America 🙂

  25. Honestly Ryosuke is the perfect husband.

  26. Looks delicious and it's so sweet the way you mention Grace throughout the video.

  27. I burst out laughing when I saw grumpy Grace on the other side.

  28. love the cooking videos!!

  29. Ryosuke! You need to make your own cooking show! To-temo omoshiroi!

  30. I love your cooking videos! Please make more!

  31. you are adorable! Please make more similar videos!!

  32. That was absolutely hilarious!!!

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