Spiced Crispy Okra Recipe (non-slimy) | Vegan/Vegetarian Recipe

RECIPE DESCRIPTION ✿ ▷ Veganlovlie Recipes: A tasty spiced crispy okra recipe. Coconut and chickpea flour not only add to the taste and crispiness but also …


  1. I love okra! Thanks ❤

  2. looks amazing!, what else was on your plate?

  3. Wonderful video from a fantastic channel!

  4. Several years ago, I forced myself to buy some fresh okra–a vegetable I loathed and had avoided for decades–and dry fried it sliced with some spices. It was a revelation. Since then, I have come to love okra, but haven't tried a "dry" recipe again. This is just the one for me! TFP : )

  5. Non Slimy? you are amazing

  6. Adrienne Louise Salvo

    My mistake of watching this soooo late in the night. Gotta find something to eat ASAP!

  7. i will try this tonight, looks amazing

  8. I've recently been eating a lot of crispy okra, I'm going to try your recipe. I've been using plain flour and cornflour instead, but yours sounds much better!

  9. Love your apron!

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