spaghetti recipe | vegetarian spagetti recipe with veg meat balls

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  1. Let's Cook with Bhumisuta

    So tasty

  2. Swathi Chatakonda

    Dear kanafeh recipe please

  3. ααfjαη qυrεshι

    Normal maggi use kar sakte hai kya….?

  4. U r vegetarian??

  5. very very very niceeeeeeee mam

  6. Can we use normal noodles in case the spaghetti is not available?

  7. Yashaswini Prakash

    Mam crushed tomatoes means boiled or raw one

  8. If the balls are veg than that balls are not called as "meat balls"
    (No offense)

  9. Plz make ghewar

  10. Amazing looks classic Italic.. but where is veg chatpata

  11. Farhana A Shoovra

    It is a good rcp.but 1 thing I don't like about this channel is you never stay connected.U never post anything related to you

  12. Pls do potato keives

  13. What is spaghetti.. Is this sevayi or noodles

  14. looks so tempting….yumm, One of the premium recipes.

  15. veg hai to meat word kyu use kia??

  16. Wow very creative…yummmm

  17. Nice video di

  18. Hahahahah
    Hebbar kitchen..if it's a veg recipe how can u name "Veg Meat Balls"
    Spaghetti with veggies ball
    Stop fooling people with giving false information
    Just for money n views

  19. U are simply amazing

  20. What a innovative ideas…?? Its yemmyyy

  21. keerthi bhagavathula

    What is spaghetti. Where do we get that pls?

  22. Superb sis

  23. Archana joshi ideas

    Can't wait to taste it

  24. Archana joshi ideas

    Mouth watering

  25. Sooo yummm!!!

  26. Can you make vegetable pasta please, I love pastas

  27. It seems that ur very perfactionist… show of….jhat phat cooking…happy to c all the recipes……May God bless u……

  28. supar akka

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