Spaghetti Recipe | spaghetti prepared by my granny | Easy Spaghetti Pasta Recipes | veg village food

hope u like the recipe.


  1. Good job grany

  2. Kirtisha Patharwat

    Hats off to ur efforts

  3. Good job salute u

  4. What country is this?

  5. Kadai paneer di video v bnado please

  6. Great job yaar, hats off…. Or taaii ne pranaam

  7. Very nice

  8. Shivansh Jaiswal

    Wow dadi ji

  9. Shivansh Jaiswal


  10. you are supper. star

  11. very relaxing to watch – I like it

  12. Kaun si cheez aap nahi banati

  13. great work

  14. Bhra ki bnwa rea ?? Apne kollo hi spaghetti di recipe bna ti

  15. So wonderful food. How much kindness, compassion for others by this lady, cooking nutritious foods for the poor kids. May this great lady be blessed in every way for all her kindness

  16. شمس الضحى

    ما شاء الله

  17. WathsApp status video

    Very good job

  18. good job daadi Ji
    god bless you

  19. Naki nijera khaoan?

  20. Apnara ki order nen?

  21. I had watch ur videos first time and it touched my heart . Hatsoff to ur work . No words. Love to granny and you

  22. Vry gud job dadi Maa… Ur so cute… I love ur quality to cook food nd serve them to hungry…. Its such a good job!!

  23. Where are you exactly in Punjab? It feels like Ludhiana or near by.

  24. Well..I can see the divine cuteness on baby's face. You are doing a wonderful job dear. GOD Bless You.!!!

  25. Gud job

  26. Nicc

  27. wow u r super grand ma

  28. Dadi ji you are great

  29. Love u yaar

  30. Wow so nice recipe

  31. In bacho ko b fast food milta hai woh b Ghar k bna huya rabb mehar kre

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