Soya Bhurji – Soya chunks recipe – Healthy and EASY INDIAN Vegetarian protein recipes for beginners

LOW FAT, HIGH PROTEIN Mumbai style bhurji. The best Soya Chunks recipe in my opinion Ingredients : 1)Soaked soya chunks 2)Onions 3)Tomatoes 4)Chillies …



    this is nice receipe thanks bb.

  2. simple and yummy recipe…:)

  3. Ranveer..u r great..I am following all ur videos..n I must u r a good cook..:)

  4. hi,instead of cutting the soya chunk ,can we use soya granules

  5. I knew grumpy cat, today saw grumpy dog also :P

  6. how much calories carb protein and fat

  7. is it good for weight loss.?

  8. How many times In a week I can eat soya chunks???

  9. bro how many times a week one should consume soya?if he is on cutting…

  10. Ghazala Muhammad sarwar

    awsome loved the recipe

  11. please help me out here…my friends say soya chunk produces estrogen.. is it true?..your reply would greatly help me.

  12. You look very much like romit raj.

  13. which is the best time to consume this before gym or after gym ?

  14. but bro
    in bread
    Indian find out kBo3 right na
    then it is good for health or not bro

  15. it has too much of plant estrogen that even some people who take testosterone in large amounts use soy beans to lower

  16. That dog is sleeping :P

  17. but 52 grams protein soaked or dry per 100 grams

  18. Abdur Rahman Choudhury

    Is soya chunk decrease testosterone level in man?

  19. You look like male version of Alia Bhatt !

  20. bro what is the amount of carbs in this dish ?

  21. Bro you are the best…. And you have the best Indian fitness channel!!! ✌️

  22. I made it today, it was yummy keep posting more recipes

  23. i got 300gram vegan protein diet….anyone want it…do reply here….and it cost around 250rs. max….

  24. thats an amazing recipe i made it today and it was highly delicious. i was looking for some easy recipe because cooking is not my thing i cant deal with complex dishes.
    thanx brother and you should conc. on more protein rich recipes you are good at it.

  25. I major question: Why is it important to vary the protein sources, I mean if I get rest of my nutrients properly, is relying on soya chunks for protein harmful for health

  26. that dog's reaction… ha ha ha.. "hey man what the fuck m doing in ur vedio! " ha ha ha

  27. Liked your cooking videos. Waiting for more vegetarian protein recipes.

  28. u look like model instead of cook…

  29. bhai apart from ur tips i loved your english its too good ….

  30. ur bhai just awesome . a big huge salute to u .

  31. I recently started watching your videos.. these are very helpful to loose weight..great effort.. thank you

  32. dude i take 50 gm of soy chunks daily can i use this reciepe daily bcoz soy chunks has no taste at all, your reciepe looks good , im on a cutting you got so much masale is it good or not

  33. 52 gram protein in 100gram soya chunks..but which 100 gram before putting it in water or after putting in water
    plzz do reply

  34. Great recipes. Get alternative of panner burji

  35. Really delicious and protein rich recipe.. 🙂 Thank You :D

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