South Indian Veg lunch preparation| First time Detailed Explanation

Are you wondering what to prepare for lunch,when guest arrival? Find easy south Indian Vegetarian Lunch here.You will learn recipes with time …


  1. Amma samayal super ….thank you for spending valuable time …i learned from u ..mainly for rasam and kesari ….thank u amma ….

  2. am from Karnataka… English subtitles pls….u cooking very fast n nice maaaa

  3. superma

  4. Sona Thiyagarajan

    Amma u r great. It is very useful for me.. Superrr

  5. Mam aviyal is awesome.. Avial is my fvt….. Thank u mam

  6. Amma super.all recipe s excellent.u r cooking very nice

  7. wow i wish my mom cooked me food like this. very tasty it looks

  8. soooperbbbb..your are such a beautifull chief for all.and i had one question, about ur cooking time??so pls tell me and once again it really wonderfull

  9. thank you

  10. pl show ur kitchten view amma. ur cooking alĺ clean and neat.

  11. Shanthi Ramasubbiah

    meenakshi mam.ur recipe's are so good…

  12. Catherine Sinouvassin

    great cooking and super Yummy recipe

  13. அம்மா சாமையால் அறுமையா இருக்கு

  14. Awesome work!

  15. romba nalla cook u r,so organized.naan malayalii,tamil avalo teriyaad so comments mixed ayirukum mannichidungo

  16. kesari ki evlo thanni utthanum ??

  17. AmmaSammayal wow amazing loved your nonveg section too thank you HAPPY 2017.God bless N Good Health:)

  18. Hello can i please,move next door please send me your address im taking the next flight thank you.Waiting patiently:)

  19. Amma
    Best cooking
    Nenga ooti matum dan vidala
    Everything you explained

  20. Tell clearly about kesari
    How much water

  21. great wrk Amma….intha videos erunthale pothum veg ..non veg seithu elar kitium samayal la nala Peru vangidlam

  22. These Tamilians have this tendency to project their meals and serving as an all south Indian thing….Not the first time I have seen this…Tamilians, you don't represent all of South India, nor you are the flag bearers of South India..At least please change the title to Tamil veg lunch..

  23. good advice for us.

  24. thankyou amma.

  25. WOW! I wish this video had been available when I was newly wed and alone abroad. Great concept. I would have welcomed guests with more enthusiasm 😀 if I had known all these tips.

  26. great cooking..!!so much of varieties within such a small time..

  27. wow really hands off ur work superb. soon I will try this.

  28. too good

  29. Omg the small banana is so cute ! Great video, looks yummy :)

  30. wonderful aunti… nalla oru tamil virundhukku nandri…. ennum naraya kuzhambu items upload pannunga please.

  31. I also want to cook all of them. great work Mam.

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