Slow Cooker Vegan Dinners • Tasty

Try cooking low and slow to bring out all the flavors in these slow cooker vegan dinners. If you want more of Tasty, check out our merch here: …


  1. Fanny Fredriksson

    Jackfruit is very good, but very low in protein

  2. @2:04 – I will be making that. Looks amazing. Thanks.

  3. Nicko's kitchen put out the exact same mac n cheese recipe in january

  4. That first one….. I need to make it!!!

  5. Thank you so much.
    Each recipe was so beautifully produced and looks delicious. I can't wait to try every single one of them.

  6. Tasty should make more vegan friendly meals and deserts.

  7. Has anyone tried the mac n cheese??? message me if you have, I wanna know if it's good.

  8. Do you have a name from the Track?

  9. Saniel Underwood

    How many servings is this? Need to make a big batch to feed 20 people?

  10. Why does it take so long to cook

  11. RIP all the vegans without slow cookers

  12. What if I want to make these, but don't have a slow cooker?

  13. I may have to subscribe again if y’all are going to post this many vegan videos!

  14. Maybe I missed it. I assume it’s 1 butternut squash for the M&C recipe? Thanks.

  15. Looks delicious

  16. Living for the vegan vids!!!!!

  17. Yeast is an animal btdubz

  18. Ana Villalobos Roca

    More vegan videos please!

  19. Who squeezes things with tongs… Half the juice is still in there you silly shlubb.

  20. Pasta isn't vegan?

  21. Make the reporter look at him, hehehe,

  22. So tasty! How about a classic vegan cake recipe?

  23. Very happy for all the vegan content!!

  24. Except for the cheese sauce which only takes 30 min at most to make, everything else were solid recipes. Just prep the veggies the night before (wash, peel and cut).

  25. What's the orange thing in the second recipe??? It isnt labeled.

  26. What utensil r u using here??

  27. varick wettlaufer

    Thumbs down for veganism aka diabetes

  28. The bean soup looks weird

  29. I eat jackfruit every week here in malaysia and i can assure you it doesn't taste like meat in anyway.

  30. What the f##k is Jackfruit?

  31. I've tried that Mac n cheese, can't say the one I made was any good ..
    Or even edible..

  32. aggelos kotsianos

    All it tries to do its making vegan food look normal….. Well IT'S NOT!!!


  34. Now I want a cheeseburger

  35. I like this!

  36. Yessica Sanchez Ortiz

    Like it

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