When the work days are long and the fall nights start to get chilly I love pulling out my slow cooker (crockpot) to take over for making a delicious dinner! Today …


  1. 1 question……. Did you precook the red lentils for the bolognese sauce?

  2. Thank you so much! I can't wait to try these out~~

  3. how many servings do you get from each ?

  4. Loved the recipes! But please don't make the music soo loud when you're not talking

  5. Can you use rice instead of millet? Thanks!

  6. Marianna Marlow

    How many people do these recipes serve? They look fantastic!!

  7. Jessica Herrera

    This instant pot is really really good to use>>> I really saved a lot of time to watch the fire stew, and the soup taste really good too , I can prepare the cooking, don't have to wait it all the time, after i finish cook other dishes, soup is cook complete too. super time saving, simple and convenient to use

  8. peter furgiuele

    Thanks for the recipes. What kind of slow cooker do you use? I want to buy one.

  9. Just bought a crock pot, what size are you using? Mine says 3-4 people on the box and 3.5 litre capacity, will these recipe ingredients work with that?

  10. My favorite vegan slow cooker is red lentil dahl. I am going to try these, was trying to come up with millet uses.

  11. Bealtaine Cottage

    Delicious…thanks for these recipes.

  12. Tanya Fabuluje

    Wow this are great meal vegen Slow Cooking ideas Thanks for sharing, luv your videos

  13. ah lifesaver recipes!!

  14. Deborah Lenihan

    Great vid..thank you. Little question…could I use quinoa instead of millet for the Mexican dish? ❤

  15. You’re an inspiration

  16. Thank you for your time

  17. Elizabeth Shaw

    So why doesn't hubby cook when you are at work and you can come home to a meal? I don't keep Italian dried herbs I have every Urban spice Under the Sun but I don't keep Italian ones because I think they taste like crap dried. So I would have to use time and something else parsley or something.

  18. SilverCharmbracelet

    Americans like to say 'dumping'. It sounds very uncouth.

  19. The Mexican millet looks dynamite, thanks for the upload

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