Singapore Food Markets! Street Food and Vegan Food

Trying Singapore Foods at Hawkers Centers, Street Food & Vegan Food! ☼ Travel Advice & Adventure: SUBSCRIBE & CLICK the ☞ …


  1. What are your thoughts on these food videos? Do you like this format? What else would you like to see?

  2. Sauce that the veggies are sauteed in = pork fat

  3. Lisa & Tricia's Singapore Foodie TV

    I like how u pronounce kway chap! 🙂

  4. trytorememberallthis

    Love the vegan food. Thanks for showing!

  5. In a usual Singaporean Chinese Vegetarian eatery, there are alot of flour based meat substitutes, that are made to taste as close to meat as possible (or at least replicate the texture). Imma guess that's what you were eating at that store.

  6. Leong Kum Fatt Playlists

    You should come to the new upgraded small food market called "foodpark". Every food is cheap.

  7. It is easy to be a vegan, but it doesn't give you much health benefits, and it is pretty hard to be raw vegan, but it really gives you so huge health bebefits

  8. The thing is, foreigners tend to go to either downtown or chinatown. Like literally no one goes to Geylang Serai or Little India. This doesnt help the typical "Singapore is a part of China" stereotype.

  9. If you weren’t vegan….. hohoho

  10. Nom Nom Nom!

  11. Whoever Again Said Street Foods, going to get the police to arrest them for lowering our foods standards!

  12. it's called carrot cake cuz of white radish

  13. All vegan should not allow to lived.

  14. Culturally insensitive

  15. There are 2 places that I recommend you and all the other tourists to come and eat! “Makan sutra” which is right next beside of the esplanade (outdoor food market) by the river and one more will be at “lau pa sat” which located at around singapore town area! All nearby location!

  16. Nothing is “affordable “ in Singapore. Lol

  17. $5 for Veges and rice??? you got ripped off…

  18. The best hawker centre is Old Airport Road Food Centre.

  19. Go to Jewel Changi Airport

  20. Im a local Malay Singaporean. It is Bugis (boogies) not boojies. Anyway Singapore is a multi cultural and multi racial country, so that is why we have food from different races. but they are uniquely Singaporean.

  21. You need to use the chopsticks with a spoon. The oriental only use chopsticks without the spoon only with a round, deep bowl – where you can slurp, suck etc from the bowl, without a spoon.

  22. Always very inspired by you and glad you filmed some videos here in Singapore! 🙂

  23. Leigh-Anne Marie

    So many great vegetarian options! Craving pineapple fried rice now

  24. Yi xin at Chinatown is a good find. My friend likes to go there. The food is value for money

  25. Some stalls will be sold out at Maxwell by lunch. Usually those snack kinds of stuff that people take for breakfast

  26. The food in Singapore looks so good! Enjoy!

  27. I knew enough to eat my vegan dinner before watching this awesome video. 😉

  28. This came at the perfect time! I'm currently studying in Malaysia and hope to travel to Singapore next month. Any good, super cheap hostels and attractions you'd recommend?

  29. Veg food easayly available there pls reply

  30. i love foodie videos

  31. I'm planning a trip to Singapore next year and I was worried there would be nothing for me to eat so this video is so helpful!

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