SIMPLE VEGAN MEALS & MINI FOOD STORAGE TOUR // What I Eat In A Day Vegan 101 | Mary's Test Kitchen

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  1. Brooke Isabella

    Please make a cooking ASMR video! Your voice is so soothing!

  2. lalalalalalalala8111

    Can you make a miso cheese?

  3. Charlotte Hammond

    Can you add lentils to the rice cooked and cook as usual? Does it work for all lentil types??

  4. New subscriber from Caitlin shoemaker

  5. I enjoy your videos!

  6. Evolution of Masha

    Dang Mary that creamy mushroom pasta is sooo divine!!

  7. Mary, you're killing me here. Please give us the ratios for the dressing on that amazing Buddha bowl. I've jotted things down, but would love to have a better idea of how much of each to use. Cheers from Ontario!

  8. Kitchen Practical

    Wow because this is excellent job! Congrats and keep it up.

  9. Good show! Love animals too

  10. That pasta looks delicious! Wow! Well made! <3

  11. Apart from your recipes I like your comments – and of course your cat. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Love your videos, Mary! As always, thanks for sharing! 🙂

  13. yum! that last dish gives me so many ideas! I'm not big on mushrooms ( I know, weird! lol) but, I would add some zucchini instead and maybe use a chickpea pasta (which is actually super tasty). Thanks for the food porn and all the yummy food ideas! And, nice to see your little guy again. 🙂

  14. Those containers are SOOOO SATISFING!!!!

  15. Awesome video. That pasta looks amazing!!!

  16. Isn't pasta made with eggs?

  17. Oh my gosh, that white saucepan looks so handy! And what a delicious mac and che meal!

  18. what does Riles eat?

  19. I love Riles and you!

  20. How long have you been vegan? Any issues physically?

  21. I think you are drinking silver needle tea. It's a product of a place called Yueyang in Hunan Province. I know that tea because I have it and they even sell it in the giant (world's largest) Starbucks in Shanghai. Super yummy stuff.

  22. foodporn

  23. The Viet Vegan

    So calming 🙂 Mary's ASMR Test Kitchen <3

  24. Ashley Pankratz

    I appreciate how quiet your channel is. Thank you for offering inspiration and connection from afar. Also, I'm in love with Riles. I hope he stars in your cookbook.

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