Simple lunch routine | 30 minute lunch preparation | Quick lunch ideas | Veg meal preparation

Lunch preparation in 30 minutes !! Please SUBSCRIBE for more recipes. Quick recipes on our FB page : 30 minute …


  1. Why is onion skipped for dal and okra?? It tastes amazing with onion

  2. jyothirmaya raju

    it's really superb

  3. Camera exillent shooting, music is fentastic, clean hygiene very nice, recipes are simple and fine.. Ur language madam.. What? Please…. God bless u Always.

  4. Maam may i know where u r staying in mangalore?

  5. More vegetarian meals.. simply light and healthy.

  6. Thanks for sharing… horse gram chutny is nice..

  7. Rice and dall can be cooked same time.

  8. my street food

    nice video

  9. Easy. Show some more recipes for dinner .

  10. Super , post more , God bless u ma

  11. Gunapavankumar Volisetti

    I am the 303rd viewer and 5th commenter!!!!!

  12. Yummy :-). Ma'am one request…. Plz upload cucumber Adiya recipe which is very famous in mangalore. 🙂

  13. ranjita mahato

    what is horsegram, what is the hindi of horsegram

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