Simple & Healthy Salad Dressing Recipe, Creamy Vegan Dressing for a Flat Belly! Protein, Liver

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  2. Turn your playback speed to 1.5x. You can still understand it and is much less boring.

  3. Great video

  4. turmeric needs pepper to work in the system correctly according to some youtube vids

  5. Hi Corrina, can you do a video on diabetes, carbs and/or keto diet…eating more fats than carbs and how that is healthy/unhealthy. Thanks.

  6. Looks delicious.. have you ever tried organic hemp oil? its super nutritious I use it in place of olive oil.

  7. Claire Redfield

    I'm only watching those videos cuz I wanna see more of you.

  8. Alizza Bliss_TAW

    I buy goddess dressing all the time (I have a bottle in my fridge rn). Now that I know how easy it is to make I'll make it rather than buy it from now on. Thanks, Corrina 🙂

  9. CORRINA do videos on consuming transitional elements , red mercury etc , plants containing those elements.

  10. Love the recipe, Corinna! This was very interesting to watch and I will be buying the ingredients for it on my next trip to the grocery store. Hopefully you can make more of these this year!

  11. What is your acid to alkaline numbers after being a vegan for a right good while..

  12. Corrina is my mom

  13. picantesworld77

    Very healthy and informative video.

  14. I will have to try this recipe! I make a lot of healthy foods but its nice to try other things so it doesn't get boring. I just started making weight loss challenge videos for my friends and family so I can be held accountable, so I need all the help. I have to do my best and this will be a salad to try! Thanks for sharing recipe. Best wishes!!

  15. XxShotgun_GamingxX

    Lol my bad

  16. This video is very helping but I have one video request. can you please do the video on sudarshan kriya. every one over internet talk the benefit of this but no one teaches how to do this.

  17. What a lovely salad! I love the dressing recipe and I can't wait to try it out.

  18. Awesome vegan recipe. I've heard about vegans who got chubby eating lettuce, by pooring olive oil on it. Doubt that oil will help with the cleaning of organs, but good thing you have a big bottle of vinegar.,

  19. Looks delicious Corrina! I approve of every ingredient, and I can be a little picky at times. Thanks for sharing!

  20. that looks super delicious

  21. You are so beautiful!

  22. Can Corrina please do an ASMR cooking/baking video or at least more recipe videos, this was so nice to watch!

  23. XxShotgun_GamingxX

    She low key ate a Big Mac after making the salad

  24. No onions :…..(

  25. @0:43
    'I am a Ninja. I live in the shadows.

  26. Its winter and Corrina is dressed for summer …

  27. this is so slow n boring

  28. I just purchased the Ninja blender too, I shall definitely be trying this dressing! Thank you for the recipe 🙂

  29. Corrina should Marry me.

  30. I never subscribed to this bs

  31. what to do with the carrot?add it to the salad or blend it in the dressing??and how long can we keep it in the fridge?doesn't avocado go black?thanks for the recipe 🙂

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