Simple Dinner Recipes 2

This video shows how to make a homely simple Indian veg dinner recipe. The menu is Phulkas,Cabbage peas Kootu and Spiced Curd. For Cabbage Kootu …


  1. Very nice one Ma'm.. Simple yet wonderful.. Your presentation is very good.. You remind me of Tarla Dalal Ma'm..

  2. Awesome movie! Sitting here at Y&S FOOD! we like to notice such a content. We produce Travel & Food films too, across the globe, so we are often seeking inspirations and techniques. Thank You.

  3. Jayashree Sreedharan


  4. Great video recording! Right here at Y&S FOOD! we love to discover these sort of content. We make Travel & Food video as well, all over the world, and therefore we are constantly interested in inspirations as well as approaches. Thank You.

  5. Nice talking…your qualification pls

  6. Narmadha Harinathan

    If we add tomatoes onions and garlic with the cabbage it will be more nice

  7. Who takes your video mam ??

  8. Also pls make video of methi pulao

  9. Aunty pls make videos like different side dishes for chapati

  10. Such a simple dish… Well done… Simple style of presentation…loved it… Keep posting such recipe… It's useful for us…

  11. Dhanu Keshavmurthy

    Nice mam will try it today itself

  12. Yes i made it today so delicious. Tq mam

  13. Your recipes are superb.

  14. Yummy menu.. can u show how to use the grinder for first timers plz?

  15. Super ma ! I like this receipe very much! Thank you ma!

  16. Thanks a lot for your nice recipes madam!! Can you please show us the recipe for Kanchipuram idi???

  17. Healthy रसोई

    Lovely preparation thanks for sharing new friend God Bless

  18. Mam plz give me your number if possible

  19. "kotu" very nice. It's सात्विक food. As it's healthy. People are not liking Gobi that much, but with combination of mung dal, coconut enhanced the item. This is the perfect dinner. Thanks for sharing such Recipie

  20. Duvvuri Padmaja Rani

    If you cook cabbage in cooker it will become paste

  21. Madam, can you please make a video on preparing ragi ball (kalli) for the beginners.

  22. chandrakala salian

    Good morning mam. Very healthy dinner. I 'll try mam. Thank you so much mam

  23. Mushy over cooked

  24. Brahmin NRI Lifestyle

    Super aunty.My fav is cabbage kootu.Just love it

  25. Madam pls make adai video

  26. Thanks heaps. Looks yummy. Today's dinner for sure

  27. Thank you Aunty. Very nice

  28. vry nice d simple Amma thanks fr sharing

  29. realy useful dinner

  30. Same with d cabbage kootu. Bt done ina little bit different style without d daal. Wl surely try ur recipe to get d different taste.

  31. Superb Mam… Your children's are very lucky… Madam they ate yummy yummy food… I am feeling jealous Mam.. Any how you so grate ma. God blessings always with you.. I like your way cooking style.. Tq once again…

  32. Indian

  33. Thank you mam for no onion and no garlic recipes

  34. Super Madam Thankyou

  35. Nice Amma

  36. Wow!it's so easy.tommorow this is my dinner recipe

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