Shepherd’s Pie | Vegetarian Pie – Christmas Special Recipe | Ruchi’s Kitchen

Watch how to make Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie , a delicious recipe for Christmas by Ruchi Bharani. Shepherd’s Pie is most famous delicacy made during the …


  1. That's perfect . You can even add sour cream instead of butter in mashed potatoes . I have tried that version of it and with more veggies .

  2. Krishna Priya Murari

    Can we use any vegetable instead of mushroom

  3. Very nice
    Ap video Hindi m q nahi banati
    Hindi m banai

  4. can we use sweet potato instead of regular potato?

  5. sun dried tomato's for umani flavor meat – like. flavor looks mouthwatering and healthy lentils a good produce ofCanada….

    Free trade agree.We.Are the new breadbasket. True Norton Strong And free.Veritas

  6. Hi Ruchi I have a microwave oven how do I bake the pie?

  7. if v dnt hav oven but a microwave is it ohk ruchi?

  8. if v dnt hav oven but a microwave is it ohk ruchi?

  9. Shree Rameshwari Singanamala

    i make it for m family last night, turn it not well may be i put little extra wine to it, and bcox of the it was not dry when i bake water fallen from baking dish.

  10. thanks ruchi i cooked it and turned out to be very good…. i just dint add the lentils.

  11. In Europe and in other Western countries like USA,Canada and Australia we have a lot of delicious Christmas meals for vegetarians,my dear sister.But…………THANK YOU for your fantastic recipe !!! :))

  12. i saw all your paneer recipe and all r good i try, will u make shahi paneer please this recipe i dont find in your channel i have to cook for my mother

  13. please upload recipe of Christmas cake recepi without egg and oven

  14. hi ruchi. .yum recipe …can I use the same mixture for sandwiches. ..

  15. Shree Rameshwari Singanamala

    Ruchi for this recipe what will be the quantity of potatoes and black lentil?

  16. You said black lentils and then said masoor.. I think thats urad daal

  17. Fab Dish..!!Cant wait to try this Christmas

  18. Cook With Arshiya

    awesome recipes

  19. ahhh this will be my side dish on Christmas day…thank for sharing

  20. I have teised most of ruchi recipes and they really turn out well n tasty.

  21. How can I make it in a Microwave?

  22. Looks super delicious Ruchi. Great recipe. Thanks for sharing ☺☺

  23. Beautiful and delicious recipe

  24. vishwa .r.shankar

    is skipping soy ok

  25. vishwa .r.shankar

    is skipping soy

  26. vishwa .r.shankar

    its awsome

  27. It looks so easy!

  28. Thanks you so much for sharing the recipe Ruchi.. it looks delicious.. can't wait to try it:)

  29. Is skipping the mushrooms fine?

  30. awesome

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