SHE TRIED TO TRICK ME! (MEAT LOVER EATS VEGETARIAN FOOD) Stablekneez is on call all weekend, and The Rents haven’t filmed yet!! Never fear! The Furfiles cooks up a vegetarian meal for Stablekneez…


  1. chris is right mandy cutting is cringy

  2. wolfie is cuter than the cats sorry mandy

  3. I never ate meat in my life

  4. Priscilla DeJesus

    I luv chillie it looked good but like Chris I need meat

  5. Love your vids I wish I would be able to se wen it drop but I'm in peru on vacation hope yall.get to 500k soon

  6. Mandy you are an amazing mother don't ever forget that all the videos that I watch with you including Wolfie video you're just absolutely amazing you're so supportive and you literally do everything that a mother should do you are my biggest fan

  7. I'm really curious did you shave off the lair of the carrot? Like the outer layer? Cuz my mom always taught me that for whole carrots you have to shave off the outer layer before you chop it up and put it in your food please let me know if I can skip that stuff LOL

  8. Dave Chappelle special is the funniest on netflix

  9. As usual, another great video! I love watching your vids & Charles @ Sylvia’s too! Keep doing what you’re doing, cause you bring a lot of sunshine to peoples lives! And Mandy, I’m with you on the cats! I read or heard somewhere that people with higher IQ’s or intelligence have cats as pets as opposed to dogs, which are …. well you know, the opposite of higher intelligence, lol! Love you guys!

  10. Some love from Toronto broski

  11. Yep, definitely spelled boujee wrong but spelling is considered a talent;therefore, I won't roast you for that

  12. Yo that's lit!!!! Did you know I'm a vegetarian, I love seeing challenges like these on YouTube!!

  13. Okay. WHY in the hey does this channel not have a million subs? I DEMAND an explanation!!

  14. This weirds me out

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