SCRAMBLED TOFU | Vegan Breakfast Ideas

Today, I’m going to show you how to make scrambled tofu. It’s an easy vegan recipe that is perfect for breakfast. FULL RECIPE: I love …



  2. Thank you so much!!! looks delicious, cant wait to try it. Yes please, more tofu recepies ♡

  3. OMG, I LOVE scrambled tofu! Great recipe for lunch and dinner as well. It's so easy to make in a college apartment!

  4. I make the scramble tofu all the time! It's so good as long as you use nutritional yeast and Daiya cheese. And you can use a fork? Seems more sanitary too me and you don't want it too crumbled up anyway or it doesn't resemble scrambled eggs. Add nutritional yeast and daiya cheese after you remove from stove. Yum!

  5. Making My Home Happy

    what a super easy breaky! I love it ❤

  6. shaun oodoomansaib

    Your hair is growing! it's really pretty, just like you.

  7. Scrambled tofu taste so good with hashbrowns as well

  8. I love scrambled tofu but i always add Kala Namak salt which gives it egg-like taste it smells like egg and some say it tastes like egg (i have never eaten egg so i can't confirm). I recently started adding wheat germ instead of nutritional yeast it tastes better for me and i always do my vegetables in the other pan. I also add a little bit of water as i don't like when my tofu is too dry 🙂 you should definitely try Kala Namak – black salt :)

  9. I do it with curry and coconut cream. It's really good! That ways it doesn't get that dry :)

  10. I like to add Kala Namak salt to mine, to give it more of an egg flavor…

  11. Emily Donnelly (My Own Damn Show)

    I love tofu scramble in breakfast burritos! You can make a bunch of tofu scramble at once, wrap it in tortillas, and then freeze them for the week!

  12. That's pretty much my go to scrambled tofu recipe I've been making for years from Vegan With A Vegeance cookbook, except I also add paprika, but no soy sauce. The cumin, thyme and nutritional yeast is a must!

  13. For me, breakfast needs to be made in a minimal amount of time with a minimal amount of effort. With the chopping of onion, bell pepper, mushrooms, turning all that tofu into tiny pieces by hand, and the minutes required for the actual cooking of it all, it looks like it would take 30 minutes. I'm sure it's tasty, but no way I'd wake up even earlier just to do all that work for breakfast. I'll stick to good old oatmeal or overnight oats :)

  14. why did you pronounce thyme like that tho?

  15. I can't have it for breakfast because I often have it in the evening too!

  16. Does it have to be grapeseed oil, or can I use any oli I have in the kitchen?☀️

  17. I've been making scrambled tofu for quite a while and I start by cutting large tomatoes and cooking them so the tofu and veggies cook in their juice. Tastes sooo amazing. I also add paprika spice =)

  18. Do you squeeze the water out of the tofu

  19. does the tofu let out any water when cooking? more of these recipes please!!

  20. I add a dash of dijon mustard to mine to give it that "eggy" vinegar flavor. Other than that, I do the same thing you do :D

  21. Please do more tofu recipes

  22. Would love more tofu recipes. I love tofu. :-)


  24. Ferrie Family Vlog

    this looks delicious!

  25. Hey Olga you pronounce thyme like "time" (the h is silent) .. Thanks for the video, this looks delicious! <3

  26. is this like vegan eggs?

  27. are there benefits to nutritional yeast?

  28. I enjoy your videos- great recipe! I can't wait to try this.

  29. Tofu here in Brazil is sooo expensive… =/ And I never heard of nutricional yeast… But looks yummy!!

  30. where are you from? trying to figure out what accent you've got :p

  31. haha i put nutritional yeast on EVERYTHING

  32. Looks delicious I'm for sure going to try this!

  33. I love your accent!!

  34. oh can u make more what i eat in a day videos i love them a lot ok love u byee

  35. Seeing Olga in the spoon. Haha.

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