School & Work Lunch Ideas #7 (Vegan/Plant-based) AD | JessBeautician

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  1. Jess Beautician

    Thanks so much for watching everyone! Here's the shopping list if you want to follow this as a week of lunches (I couldn't fit this into the description box limit!):

    2 avocados
    1 red onion
    1 red pepper
    1 mango 
    4 limes 
    5 spring onions
    1 coriander plant 
    1 bag mixed salad 
    1 portion udon noodles
    1 portion wholewheat pasta 
    1 can sweetcorn
    1 can black beans
    Hummus (can also be homemade!)
    1 can jackfruit
    1 pack seeded, wholewheat wraps
    1 pot vegan yoghurt/mayonnaise 

    Fruit, snack bars, crisps 

    CUPBOARD ESSENTIALS: Sriracha, sesame oil, olive oil, rice vinegar, coconut vinegar/apple cider vinegar, soy sauce, peanut butter, garlic flakes, chilli flakes, chipotle chilli flakes, cayenne, salt, pepper, chocolate-hazelnut spread.

  2. I’m not vegan but I love to watch your videos

  3. お洒落!すてきなお弁当

  4. Man you are really obsessed with coriander

  5. Kathleen Kibblehouse

    As always, the best vegan recipes on YouTube! Tip: a slice of onion with the leftover avocado keeps it nice with mush. Use the end pc you’d otherwise throw away.

  6. priyanka nagpal

    I love the jewelry left hand, the bracelet and the ring on your index finger, can you tell me where is it from?

  7. oh, it's so cute box.

  8. Is corriender the same as cilantro?

  9. So happy I found your channel. Guess what's for lunch next week?!

  10. Love it

  11. Does anyone know if the mango avocado salad can hold in the fridge for a couple of days? Maybe if I add some lemon juice to it? I know the chickpea avocado salad can but she doesn't mention anything about the mango avocado being able to last.



  13. so, so good, as usual! thanks Jess kisses from France

  14. Loved the recipes can’t wait to try thanks for sharing

  15. Looks Nice n fresh. Think I’d sub chicken but the flavours work.
    Never tried jackfruit is it strong flavour?

  16. How could anyone thumbs down your channel. Your food is incredible and so well put together. Love your channel xx

  17. Elfen Prinzessin

    christ, you REALLY like corriander xD

  18. Elizabeth Stanwood

    I made the pasta salad but I decided to include some cubed up smoked tofu.. amazing!!

  19. Julie Pitchford

    Hi what does jack fruit taste like please? Great video as always xx

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