Savoury Breakfast Bowls (Vegan/Plant-based) | JessBeautician

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  1. this sounds like a rap

  2. bestbee4 bestbee4

    Wow wow wow these all looked divine!!

  3. No soy, amazing and all savory too, I love it!

  4. How did you make the chickpea scramble?

  5. These are so good but there not breakfast bowls honey those are lunch bowls lmao I can’t have that much for breakfast

  6. I'm more of a "sweet oats for brekkie please" kinda person but these look so so yummy to have for lunch or dinner! I can't thank you enough for making up such amazing recipes. <3

  7. Thank you so much. Do you have any spaghetti squash recipes?

  8. Oh wow! I love all of these bowls. Thank you for the inspiration!

  9. Jess – I made the burrito bowl this evening and the dish was delicious and the presentation so appealing. I wish that I remembered to snap a picture. I substituted black beans, as that what I had on hand. I make something similar but typically have a slew of bowls. Combining it into one beautiful dish is brilliant. Thank you for the recipes. I will be making the others as well.

  10. Yummmmmy!!!!

  11. Love your accent your voice reminds me of Anna from Downtonabby. <3

  12. I'm looking into eating healthier because of my health. These look incredible! Thank you for sharing with us!

  13. Emily Chamberlain

    This is EXACTLY what my palette craves!!!! much veganlove to you❤️

  14. Wow I Never Thought Healthy Eating could be Sooo AppetiZing !

  15. GOD ! This looks SO delicious & healthy ! Thanks for the ideas ♥♥♥♥

  16. Great video vegan sister ! You really got me hungry, Good job !

  17. Thank you for this. I am so sick of trying to find breakfast meals that aren't oatmeal and smoothies.

  18. Great ideas! Thank you!!!

  19. Those all look so good!

  20. This is truly the besr for breakfast. Yea I hate tofu too!!!!! O man this is for breakfast?!?!? I'd be full for hours!!!!!!!

  21. You do know that the salsa calls for cilantro not coriander

  22. Im a sweet-breakfast kind of girl but these recipes might change my mind! They look so good, especially the first and last one, smashed sweet potatoes is such a good idea.

  23. My biggest problem when it comes to recreating your recepies is that I don't have all of those ingredians and spices at home. May you make a video about your must haves, so that I can buy them for recreating?

  24. I caught the dislike button by mistake but I managed to undo, thank goodness! Am subscribing as these recipes look delish and quick n easy to do without having to source loads of fancy ingredients. Great for when my veggie friends visit. 🙂 Thank you

  25. This is amazing

  26. How in the world did I miss this?? These look SO good. Can’t wait to try, thank you!

  27. simple, easy, healthy and looks great

  28. Love, Love your recipes! Thank you!!!

  29. wow Jess – awesome production!!  I look forward to your vids coming out and this one especially – going to help as I am just not that into breakfast smoothies. ty

  30. You deserve so much more subs…Love your videos! <3

  31. Love this video… I really don't like sweets for breakfast, and I'm always looking for savory breakfast recipes. This is perfect, prob gonna make all of this next week!


  32. I'm so glad you did a savory breakfast video! I almost always prefer savory to sweet so it was great to see some breakfast bowls that I would love! Love your videos! 🙂

  33. Thank you my dear and thanks so much!!

  34. Do you deliver? 😉

  35. I made the chickpea scramble bowl and it was simply delicious

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