Savory Vegan Brunch Recipes | Tasty & Healthy

Here are 3 easy vegan recipes that are perfect for an ultimate savory brunch spread! Recipes for these Crispy Breakfast Potatoes, Tofu Scramble, and Smoky …


  1. ‘easy breakfast ideas’

    First recipe: just use your appliance that no one poor has!

  2. Evolution of Masha

    ooooooh I love the sauciness of the Tofu Scramble! Love the tip about adding "fat"!

  3. Damn these recipes are next level! Thanks for the easy vegan breakfast hacks!!

  4. I literally want all of these foods for not just a brunch, but for every single part of the day!!

  5. Great video

  6. I'm not vegan.. but I'm trying to. ✊

  7. could you try to give more detailed measurements of what to put in there? what I mean is you tell us that your adding some spices,but you don’t tell us how much. Thank you so much I love your videos♥️

  8. Mary Robicheaux

    Dang Caitlin these recipes DELIVERED!! Can’t wait to try them 🙂

  9. I need to try that tofu scramble but I can't make the cashew cream because I don't own a good blender, what could be a good substitution?

  10. When I ate eggs I liked scrambled eggs real creamy, not with big curds like most people seem to make them, so I made a scrambled tofu from silken tofu once because it was all I had and it was the best scrambled tofu I ever made. I think the BOSH guys use a combination of silken and firm. But I like your water idea!

  11. My favorite brunch food is French toast. I also love eggplant bacon.

  12. Sound was a bit low.

  13. 0:16 …..

  14. It’s just Jess

    I’d love to see a vegan pannukakkuu (finnish pancake) it’s an egg based thick pancake, almost like a mix between pancakes and flan or custard??

  15. What is that beautiful pan?

  16. will you do a video about why you try to eat oil free?

  17. Eggs Benedict is my fav brunch food.

  18. Brilliant vlog! So glad O subbed! Just a nit pic. Sulfur not sulfuric. Two different chemical meanings. Sulfuric is odorless.

  19. To me this is just a full one lunch or dinner but still doing it

  20. I was so happy by the warning it made me pause the video & get breakfast so I had sometime to eat while watching haha

  21. Amanda Jean-Mary

    French toast please! Unless you already have that video. But I love this method for tofu scramble that seems to make it way more authentic. Where do you get your black salt?

  22. Hi Caitlin! Can you tell me where to get that plate

  23. Mary Ann Mendoza

    Looks yummy! Gonna make it this weekend. Question: your white pan looks nice. Is that ceramic pan? What's the brand and what's the coating?

  24. what a queen, I'll definitely try these.
    you and your boyfriend look so good together!

  25. Looks sooo good!!!

  26. Is oil bad or why don’t you use it?!

  27. Love the recipes! Could you please do a video on your kitchen equipment staples ie fave nonstick pan etc? Dying for recommendations

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