Sauteed Cabbage Recipe – Healthy Easy Vegetarian Recipes – Heghineh Cooking Show

Sauteed Cabbage Recipe by Heghineh From my healthy, easy vegetarian recipes : sauteed cabbage. This is more of a …


  1. I wonder if the kardasians knows this recipe, they would look better.

  2. Aww her son <3

  3. Good food and a very nice family!

  4. Nice look taste

  5. ham@ chari payts desken hamov g'erevi

  6. I adore what you make….!!

  7. It must be absolutely delicious! It goes right in my must try list. Спасибо!

  8. Hi heghineh i love it i will try it but i wish if you show us you're armane family and your mam

  9. Hello Heghineh, that really looks delicious…Yum! Thank you for the receipt.

  10. Looks delicious

  11. you must do a coffee i arminian way in "djazva " that You have! :-)

  12. love this, I make it every week, goes well with every protein, I often add so feta cheese on top, yum

  13. Oh good, I have everything to make this except red pepper paste. But I got to use my head of cabbage now. Will be good with everything else!

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