Sana-di-ge’s Vegetarian Coastal Food || Fine Dine Restaurants in Delhi||

In this video, I explore Sana-di-ge, the ultimate fine dine manglorean restaurant in Delhi. Though famous for its sea food, Sana-di-ge has carefully brought the …


  1. Kamakshi Chawla

    Good video quality
    Kafi acha sa restaurant lag rha hai

  2. What's the price??

  3. Avoid chewing noise.

  4. Virendra Acharya

    please mention the prices. as I commented in earlier video, I am a carnivores, but the way you have presented veg food, have developed my interest in veg food again. just wonder if you can do for non veg too, there won't be a competition for you. great video

  5. Prasshant Kumaarr

    Bhai Mehenga hai kya ?

  6. Good video
    Good ambience
    Food seems delicious
    USP is the way they serve in unique utensils.
    Feel like visiting d place
    Keep doing good work

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