Sam’s Vegetarian Chili – Everyday Food with Sarah Carey

I don’t usually go in for this type of thing…I mean, vegetarian chili? So often they are kind of lackluster. Not this time guys, this bean packed chili is so flavorful, …


  1. If I were to cook this in the morning in a crock pot how long and at what setting should I put it to? This looks really delicious

  2. Sarah, 
    May i have the written recipe?

  3. If you chew gum while u cut an onion u won't get water eyed it works for me it might work for u

  4. is this your house? or a kitchen somewhere else?

  5. Paulette Kurelordpai

    No thank you. I believe I would rather taken the time to cook dried beans and I am blessed to have fresh tomatoes growing in my garden, almost year round. They make a big difference.

  6. Yvette Villarreal

    I made this for dinner today it was delicious. I Used black beans instead of pinto and kidney

  7. Adrian Gutierrez

    Y'all have Instagram?

  8. I like my chili over cornbread, thanks

  9. I find if you add in some lentils to the chili, it also makes it heartier. I also add corn and mushrooms, but that's because my mom puts that in hers.

  10. BohistaNordica

    All these links lead to videos! Where are the written recipes? Thanks.

  11. Do you really need salt?  I thought the chili powder was enough sodium.

  12. Just watched your Texas chili recipe – this one looks good too!

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