Sadhguru – Eat something and observe how agile and active you feel after it!

We must eat what is suitable for this body -we are losing our sense about food. -We can eat unconsciously or we can eat consciously. We can breathe …


  1. I have pcod… but changing my diet to vegetarian and raw little. I got healthy within months naturally

  2. 1 like unconsciously

  3. My addiction to emf radiation has only increased while going vegan due to watching YouTube for advice

  4. House of Fire Belly Toads

    I love Sadhguru but Bruce lee was not a vegetarian. He even made protein shakes with meat in them

  5. Today I fasted until lunch, then had pizza. I felt very sluggish and sleepy within 30 minutes. The effect was unmistakable. So cool that I am now listening to this talk, as if to reinforce the truth that I discovered so clearly for myself just a few hours ago.

  6. It's good if you can traduct in french please please please. Thank you so much

  7. How can the human body sustain itself with water mostly?
    Most plant based diets lack animal products and are high in sugars and carbs which can lead to bad consequences. My father once would only eat fruits and veggies. He almost ended up in a coma with a high glucose level ( he told me the doctors said it was in the 3,000s) in his early 20s and now he suffers from an extreme case of diabetes and suffers daily. He said before that visit to the hospital he felt incredible and like just amazing but the real effect showed after he went to the hospital and when my mother almost lost him. I know you mean the best for everyone and you are not wrong when you say that animals energy can be difficult to integrate within our system but i think this is when they are not raised properly or fairly. plants have their own energy and their own sentience too and we are less like them. Half of the people here cant even feel the life when they touch a tree which kinda bothers me because it shows how disconnected we really are It doesnt matter if pain is felt if life can still be. Water is alive on its own and carries all our thought why should we drink water if water is alive on its own? My point is be careful you guys in the diet you choose to take or the road. Sometimes when you think something is right it could lead to more destruction. In my opinion if you want to do what is right only take what your body needs and nothing more and feel and say your gratitude toward what you eat

  8. Bruce Lee was defo not a vegetarian. His favourite food was beef in oyster sauce.
    I know that as I am a keen martial artist and have studied Bruce Lee’s life!

  9. Did he just say Bruce Lee was a vegetarian?

  10. I don't believe coz here I'm living with vegetarian people all the sickness with them they are Indian also it's about us either vegetarian or not taking care of ourselves are important my own opinion God bless

  11. I'm on a sugar high every time I drink a coke or chocolate… my body seems to like it very much and it energizes me… but that doesn't mean COKE is good food.? hell nah

  12. You vegans and vegetarians are feeling better because you are eating REAL FOODS, grown from the ground, not consuming processed oils and carbohydrates produced in factories, sorry to break it too you, meat is NOT making you sick. You think fat and protein are bad for you??? What do you think your nervous system, brain, muscle tissue is made out of??? FAT, CHOLESTEROL AND PROTEIN. Your previous SAD diets were hurting you, you just lumped meat in there b/c of convenience. Properly raised meat is the most nutritious and BIOAVAILABLE food on earth. Don’t be fooled by the cholesterol myth, more people have heart attacks with normal to low total cholesterol. Don’t be fooled by alkaline diets, every tissue and organ have their own specific PH levels that the body naturally regulates. You want to heal? Stay away from processed foods/oils, fast often, exercise, sauna, meditate. Whether you are a raw vegan or carnivore both sides can at least agree that processed sugar, carbs are the enemy.

  13. How can I stop eating meat do I have to detox my body

  14. Sadhguru can you do martial arts Like Bruce lee

  15. balakrishnan ganeshmoorthy

    How many people are eating more protein in India and got cancer? By the way majority of population eat less than required protein on daily basis.

  16. balakrishnan ganeshmoorthy

    We can live longer and lead healthy lifestyle by following either pure vegetarian or non vegetarian(veg and non veg). It is not about veg or non veg. It is all about lifestyle.

  17. Only partially agree. As know 100% veg life people having all the common disease like diabetes , BP , thyroid etc. It’s is very weird and difficult to clarify why this is so ?

  18. Please all these videos about spiritual food and diet food of sadhguruji 's give in bengoli. It will be very helpful to us . Thank you so much.

  19. did you really put in the thumbnail of your video – "eat vegetarian and all your diseases will go away"? thats some next level irresponsible horse shit.

  20. I think data and facts disagree with this !

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