Everyone needs an easy ZERO stress recipe you can whip up on a time crunch. So, ROASTED VEGGIE SHEET PAN NACHOS! And instead of just 1, I’m giving …


  1. Love the way this was filmed. So practical. Thank you!


  3. Looks yummy!

  4. Shelah Phillipsen

    I try to cilantro every time but every time it tastes like soap. I will just use parsley to make it pretty. 🙂

  5. I want this right now

  6. OK, one of my favorite episodes EVER. I have no restrain when it comes to vegetables and really don't care for chips so… TOTAL WINNER for me!! <3

  7. I am SO excited to make this recipe when I get home from university

  8. Jennifer Mclaughlin

    not bad, i see half the table/food in the nosh shots at the end!!!! but come on, why only half. xoxoxo

  9. WOW! Talk about eating the rainbow.

  10. Juliette Coleman

    Lauren can you PLEASE open a restaurant in TORONTO

  11. Tina- Eating God's Gifts

    I've never heard of "sheet pan meals." Cool!

  12. I had my 1st vegan burger last. It was a smoky ‘jack’ burger made from jackfruit & mushrooms loved the texture just not the taste as it was over powered by the smoke. I’ve got one left so not going to waste it.

  13. I cannot WAIT to try this!

  14. Looks so good!

  15. Sarah Windmueller

    This is great!!!! Omg it looks so good! Great way to eat your vegetables too.

  16. so weird.. I just made nachos for dinner using the hotforfood nacho cheese sauce and I sat down to watch a video with my dinner and saw this! i'm on the hotforfood wavelength apparently!!

  17. Why do you use the veg oil spray to roast vegetables – wouldn't it taste better with a nice olive oil?

  18. South African Vegan

    yum yum yum! even hardcore meat-eaters would love this!

  19. I’m convinced that you are from another planet b/c I’ve never seen your level of creativity on this earth!

  20. 7:12 sOoOoOoOo healthy 😀

  21. America Palmerin

    What flour she used? For the cheese

  22. I'm a huge fan of the nacho cheese. I made some last night. A couple times when I've made it it turned out bitter ? I think it was after I added the arrowroot powder at the end. (I do it at the end for the sake of my blender's motor) Has anyone else had this problem?

  23. the heck, you mean to tell me regular chips aren't vegan and you couldn't make proper nachos?


    lol jking 😛

  24. wow amazing 🙂 keep up the good work

  25. making me so hungry omg

  26. "It's really the only way that I want to eat my vegetables is either mixed into a sauce like the cheese or roasted" Same girl, same! haha!!! LOVE IT! (also, there is no need to skip on the chips. You can always have roasted veggies AND chips!! 🙂

  27. I love this idea but I'm excited for the thai lettuce wraps <3


  29. It's such a fun idea to make potato nachos!! Love it! I think I would do half potato half corn chips because they're so damn good that way and my vegan kids gobble them up! Love how ambitious this recipe is, Lauren!

  30. Love it

  31. The Evolving Vegan

    I would do mostly veges and some chips.

  32. What the hell, I was just going to make Nachos for dinner!

  33. I like the substitute for the chips, but all that oil defeats that purpose and is completely unnecessary

  34. Soo…it's not nachos. I'll just use chips.

  35. @juliensolomita can we get an Aries remake of this recipe ✌️

  36. Heh this is a great way to get more veggies into my daily meals. Nachoossssss

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