Rich Source of Vitamin B12: Top 10 foods for vegetarians

Know the rich source of Vitamin B12 Foods for vegetarians (Cobalamin). If you add following foods to your diet, you will fulfill the required amount of this vitamin.


  1. Sambu Namboothiri

    Coconut milk contains vitamin b12 ? Or fortified??

  2. EAT BIO thats helps all yourself farmers shops and animals ….. eating out of a bucket ( supplements ) you keep the pharma industry going ….

  3. Thnx for de information, ery useful to me. Coz I am totally vegetarian.

  4. Terrible… I thought this video was going to show plant sources of vitamine B12 suitable for vegetarians

  5. This is very poor information. Dairy is horrendously bad for health for multiple reasons as is soy most of which is GMO.

  6. dairy bad.

  7. Cristal Hsin Yee Kua

    Pls. Teach us how to make curd. Thanks….

  8. Marina De Anda

    Vegetarians=people who eat vegetables, so, why is there cheese, milk and ice cream in this list?

  9. 頑張ってください

    Marmite shoud be 1.
    It cheap and easy to eat

  10. A.Shahul Hameed

    Only in fish and animal organ have b12 this is wrong

  11. This is the worst video ever, cure b12 deficiency at the cost of multiple health problems from eating dairy, fat and sugar!

  12. In orange vitamin b12?

  13. Soy Beans and mushrooms are not sources of b12 where did you get this from?

  14. Very nice information Sir. Thanks
    for sharing with us. Planet Ayurveda offers Echinacea Capsules and Wheatgrass
    Powder for the effective treatment of Vitamin B12 deficiency.

  15. Gujarat Velding


  16. Brandon Morgan

    This is not a great list. Clearly this is propaganda from the dairy industry. Dairy creates most of the health problems humans are dying from. Look to plants, nuts, and grains before dairy. If you are reading this, then invest a little more time and look at the bad effects of dairy and animal products please for your sake

  17. B12 is a bacteria not a vitamin just go get your b12 shot every few year or eat nutritional yeast.This video promoting milk products

  18. Ok, dairy is it’s own problem. Not the answer.

  19. It helps

  20. Ice cream mean tons of suger and artificial color and addiction too !!! Dairy products are not good for iron absorption!!! Cheese and salt ! Almond milk is ideal!!! But careful with the allergy symptoms!

  21. Do vegans not know there are different forms of v.b12… one form is made in the body, although if you dont have healthy bacteria, the bacteria wont be able to make it. The vitamin ,b12 in cereals milk and dairy products it is fortified after pasteurization with synthetic v.b12. and then of course another form of it found in meats.

  22. madhuri Sarpole


  23. JUNK FOOD, except almond milk. Who made this video?

  24. Many are high in sugar and GMO poison that are banned on a keto diet and cancer prevention

  25. Sursen Sudhanshu


  26. Veg food is Best food. Other is not food it's dead body

  27. Dairy products are not for vegans like me!

  28. Kousalya Ganesh

    Very informative. Thanks

  29. Cindrella Pereira

    But how if the people have diebeties, 1 or 2,

  30. ice cream it's funny

  31. Too good

  32. Robotic voice is ABSOLUTE RUBBISH!

  33. Thanku for u kind information

  34. A Shwetambaree

    Thank u sooo muchh

  35. Dr Thanks

  36. Amitansu Chandra

    Really helpful will try them

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