Restaurant serves vegan burger that isn’t vegan?

“Not able to prepare vegan style”. That’s what Luna Grill said about the Beyond Burger they serve at their restaurants. They probably shouldn’t have done that. The Vegan Strategist: https://vegans…


  1. Perturbed? That there's a little bit of slaughter on my plate? Nah….you wouldn't be perturbed if someone bled just a little bit in your food, would you? I thought so.

  2. Could you make a video on Kate flowers (raw vegan ytber) latest video on "binge eating" on non- raw vegan food. I like her, but at the same time I thinks she's sending a really toxic message to the world/ has some sort of disordered eating. Would love to hear your thoughts!

  3. i totally agree that micro-ingredients aren't a big deal, but i have a friend with a serious dairy allergy who asks for vegan food, because it makes it easier, and being cooked on a buttered pan would be really bad :/.
    also as someone who works in the food industry, like… get another pan, im sure you can label one pan 'vegan' and only use it for the burgers, its not that hard

  4. I got a little pickier with cross contamination when I got an actual strip of steak in my veggie stir fry

  5. Completely random note, Red Robin has a vegan burger that is really good! My coworkers & I went there for lunch yesterday during an in service meeting & I ordered their vegan burger. I recommend anyone who reads this post to try it!

  6. Well I personally wouldn’t buy/eat it, but I don’t think it would make you nonvegan if you ate it without feta (as long as you request no extra butter)

  7. Whole Food Plant-Based Man

    It is times like this I realize how many vegetarians are subscribed to vegan channels like myself.

  8. Whole Food Plant-Based Man

    I'm all for it. It is vegetarian. It's cool with me. More people should become vegetarian. I've seen several failed vegans who have completely reverted to their primordial meat-eating ways. I cannot understand why they do not, instead, revert to some happy middle ground, like being vegetarian. Most of the people I know who are vegetarian do not eat meat because it is repulsive and vomit-inducing, hence these people will never become carnists for the remainder of their lives. Vegetarians stay true to who they are. Vegans are more capable of snapping sooner or later, whether it is 1 month, 1 year, 1 decade, or 5 decades from now. I don't trust vegans to stay vegan, not now, not ever. Some vegans I know say how much they love buffalo wings and barbecue sauce, and they instead eat the vegan variety, but they still love meat, so they could at any point in time revert to their primordial ways of meat-eating. Unlike vegans, I'm a vegetarian for life. I will never revert to eating meat because I never ate meat to begin with. I will only trust a vegan to stay vegan if they are a 3rd generation vegan in their family or something along those lines. I'm vegetarian for purposes of health and environment only; not animals.

  9. sketti skettimen

    luna grill are idiots however the burger is still great because tons of people are vegetarians and it sounds like a tasty burger honestly lol

  10. once again, for the last 13 years for me, i do not eat out because of cross contamination. unless i am there to see things i do not believe it will be done properly. so then a micro piece of shit is acceptable to some people? perhaps so, but not for me, same thing i say.

  11. Just cook yourself

  12. Just want to say I love your hair like that.

  13. Yes!! I agree completely. I was actually in the same situation (veggie patty being grilled on a buttered stove top) at another restaurant. Funnily enough, a non-vegan friend of mine was unironically challenging my ethical position on veganism because I chose to eat that otherwise vegan burger. Sigh …

  14. IF it's fine to have animal products touch your food, then it's fine to have POOP touch you food. Oh, there was a lil bit of poop previously in the pan. Oh, it's fine. You should put up with it and deal with that lil bit of poop.

  15. This is gross, a lot of people have allergies?? They can't clean a pan even for those people? If they would, why can't they clean it for vegans?

  16. I'm not really that concerned about the contamination ethically, but if I eat something that has been grilled on the same flat top as beef, I get pretty sick or at the very least have an upset stomach for a good part of the day. There are people who avoid these things because of allergies, and the restaurant should be mindful of that.

  17. It was easy for me to go vegan because when i was a kid my parents always fed me healthy food and i absolutely hated how meat tasted. Never was a big fan of cheese

  18. Click on your video and what’s the ad? Wing stop. Get your stuff together YouTube.

  19. A topic for a future video… Is Spirulina Safe? I have read studies on both sides, and am nervous to take spirulina and chlorella.

    Read this article and the source with mixed feelings. What do you think? Thought it would be a really interesting topic for a future video and I​ always love hearing your thoughts and research.

  20. Sara Elkassabany

    So reliable! Your commentary is needed thank you!

  21. I'm not vegan but would rather eat a good vegan burger to lower my meat consumption

  22. isn't getting meat eaters to eat less meat a good thing?
    and it's still vegetarian?

  23. You made some great points! I am all for being realistic with expectations, and working to normalize veganism

  24. Beyond burger wasn't originally design for vegans to begin with. It was made to give meat eaters a plant based alternative that was as close to beef as possible, hence why it looks like meat and "bleeds". Most vegans aren't looking for those characteristics in their veggie burgers.

  25. I don't have an issue (not much) with my food being incidentally "contaminated" as say a vegi-burger grilled next to a beef burger, but this seems slightly different. It seems that the butter is added a matter of course so it won't stick to the pan. For me this is a step too far. This is not incidental contamination. It appears the butter is added in order to cook my burger.

  26. Georgina Edwards

    They couldn't have left off that it wasn't vegan legally as far as I'm aware. People would need to know about the butter (dairy) due to allergies for example.

  27. Is the bun even vegan? That's where I'd expect milk and eggs.

  28. Oh girl whatever, at first I thought you meant they had to add butter to the burger. But if there is butter on the pan no cow was held captive for my meal. As for cleaning the pan if it's a fast-food place I wouldn't expect them to clean the pan.

  29. New pan. $20. Problem solved. You're welcome.

  30. Theodore Zuckerman

    You know, different strokes for different folks. If you are ok with a little butter getting into your pea-protein burger, fine. If you would like to avoid even that small amount of butter, fine. If you want to kidnap the chef and torture her until she tell you every single ingredient, and warn her that if you ever find out she forgot to mention some ingredient you'll find her children and murder them, fine. If you want to just get a general idea about what the main ingredients might possibly be, fine. If you want to eat a vegan option in a non-vegan restaurant, fine. If you will only eat food served in an all-vegan restaurant with utensils that have never held animal products, fine. You are all vegans, whether you do everything the way I do them, or not. However my goal in being vegan is not PETAs goal. I haven't gone vegan in order to "help" animals, or save animal lives. I've gone vegan to avoid complicity in HARMING animals. There is a difference. I wouldn't feel good about MYSELF, if I were complicit, and yet knew that I was able to survive WITHOUT being complicit. That is the extent of my "activisim." In other words, I'm not an activist. I haven't gone vegan because I care about animals. I've gone vegan because I care about ME. I don't want to be someone that harms animals unnecessarily.

    I know that animals kill other animals. If I took the position that I was not a "speciesist" (and I don't take that position) and if I had a goal of saving animal lives, than it would follow that if I know that some animals sometimes killed other animals, and that I knew which animals were the killers (the carnivorous animals) then I should interfere, similarly to how I would interfere if I know that some human plans to kill another human. While it makes sense to stop a human from killing another human, I don't see the sense in traipsing around wildlife refuges or other wildnerness areas, and shooting tranquilizer darts at carnivorous animals which are getting ready to pounce on prey animals. If I was a non-speciesist, that is what I would have to do, relate to the predatory animals the same way I would treat predatory humans. And somehow, that just doesn't seem like a sensible activity. So I remain a speciesist. I stop humans from killing other humans, if I can. I ignore what goes on with the rest of the animals. I don't kill animals myself. I don't tell people to stop killing animals, any more than I urge predatory animals to stop killing prey animals. If they are INTERESTED, and if that is what they want to do, I will show them how I have managed to survive without killing animals. But it is not my goal to "save" animals.

    By the way, killing it is not the only way to harm an animal. Just a few examples, taking a puppy away from its mother harms both the puppy and the mother. It hurts them. Breeding dogs to be docile and good companions for humans, rather than ferocious and gang-killers, makes it harder for them to get food on their own, and makes them either dependent on humans, or dead. And not all humans are good caretakers of dogs. So it hurts dogs. However it conceivably helps local birds, and small mammals. Things are not as simplistic as PETA may have us believe.

  31. I personally don't care if my food is prepared on pans that cook nonvegan food, but this whole "oh my god don't make a scene" mentality is comical. people Who are non vegan are sometimes very particular about their order and frequently ask servers many questions and ask for certain things that may be different from the standard. It is not a big scene just because vegans do it. if you were allergic to a food are you making a big scene ordering what you want? this "big scene" stuff is in the minds of meek vegans. in reality it is just ordering food the way you want, vegan or not vegan. relax and order what you want. NO BIG SCENE

  32. I’ve worked in food service and yes it is uncommon for vegetarian/vegan food to be cooked in its own specific pan… however gluten free options were always handled with extra care; wearing gloves, separate tray and utensils, etc… so if you’re out eating somewhere and it really bothers you that your meal is cooked on the same surfaces using the same utensils as meat I suggest asking for a gluten free option so you get the use of those things that touch meat far less often.

  33. Same same.

  34. These militant vegans make it so much harder for the rest of us. Whether you like it or not, most people are not vegan, and as someone who worked in food service, honestly, vegans coming in made me want to cry cuz some would just act like it's so simple but actually, in a busy place, stopping everything to clean all the equipment suddenly can cause a nightmare of slow down and angry customers yelling at us. Also, the "either have it vegan or not at all" mentality is dumb and just pushes people away, this is why meat eaters(and even vegetarians) get defensive when they hear vegan, the all or nothing nuts scare them off, this is also why a lot of vegans go back to eating animal products, just cuz you believe it doesn't mean everyone is at that same level and any good changes should be ackowledged, not dismissed cuz they're not going to the extreme.

  35. My uni campus recently got the beyond burger as a special, but similar to Luna Grill it came with non-vegan toppings (mayo, cheese, and an egg bun). They could easily make it vegan (they serve other vegan burgers regularly), but it ended up being a nightmare for the staff because a lot of people assumed it was vegan. They ended up having to ask each person who ordered whether they wanted a vegan version or not. The chef I spoke to said he wished whoever came up with the burger toppings had made it vegan just to save the time and confusion on their part. A vegetarian isn't going to have an issue with a burger being vegan the way a vegan has with a vegetarian burger.

  36. it’s a vegetarian burger simple as that. It’s a shame that they won’t accommodate by just taking the cheese off though, I feel like that’s really petty and unnecessary if they’re making it from fresh.

  37. Do they kill the Plants Humanely Plants can feel too

  38. Sure it's probably ethically fine to have your dish cooked in a pan that has remains of beef fat but I try to avoid it just cause it's disgusting ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  39. Strawberrymuffinism

    Why eat at a non vegan place, if you‘re that bothered anyways? Doesn‘t make sense to me. Just get a salad then.

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