Recipe: Easy Veggie Tacos

This recipe for Veggie Tacos comes from staff member Ángela. Get the preface for Dr. Greger’s brand-new book, How Not to Diet, by subscribing to his free …



    For the full recipe, go to -NF Team

  2. I am allergic to cashews but not macadamia nuts. Can I substitute?

  3. Dude, why salt free?

  4. I would be happy with eating just cashews with greens =)

  5. I’m guessing it’s okay to have the edemame guacamole with this?

  6. Even easier. Go to Taco Bell. Order a soft taco, fresco, swap black beans instead of ground beef (no charge). It's whole food plant-based. And cheap

  7. hey, your channel is great
    this is nice.
    Lve it!

  8. Dawn Ginese-TheSingingNurse

    What’s the cool tortilla warmer called?

  9. Christina's Collections

    anyone know the name of this song?

  10. Just made this, soo good and easy! Thank you!!!

  11. Yummy looks amazing 🙂 thank you, you are a legend

  12. Kitchen Practical

    I enjoy this video – its so usefull and helpfull.

  13. Nom!!!!!!

  14. These actually look really good

  15. These look super! Thanks for posting!

  16. If the wrap was made-up of ground flaxseeds, it would be nutritionaly perfect meal.
    The presented one has too much Omega-6, but otherwise still top-notch!
    Just eat a chia pudding for desert. 🙂

  17. Dawn Ginese-TheSingingNurse

    I love Mexican food, yum! Thanks #HealthyIsAnAdventure

  18. I cannot and will not completely cut out salt. Unless your taste buds change and you taste salt in the food naturally, just like when I cut out sugar, it would make sense to me.

  19. Recipe for huge tacos with almost no protein… Or flavor. And they will make you fart all day. Amazing.

  20. only problem is the refried beans and store bought tortillias are full of trans fats

  21. What are "salt free refried beans"? What does refried mean?

  22. you must have a big mouth to eat that cake :))

  23. Christopher O'Grady

    Grams are the only objective measure, what with all these ridiculous volumetric measures, cup and spoons, what are we cave people?
    Appreciate the recipe, but damn Americans don’t know how to measure things, and that’s probably 1/10th the spices I’d use!

  24. yo this beat is fire tho

  25. My mouth is watering.

  26. Yum yum!!

  27. Those tacos look BOMB!

    Another thing I love to eat…I'm getting ready to eat it right now, actually…are these toasted (on one side in a rocket-hot iron skillet) corn tortillas, filled with bean chili (just beans with chili spices and thickened with whole grain corn grits), avocado, and a multi veg slaw (cabbage, red bell peppers, onion, shredded broccoli crowns, and anything else I want in it) sprayed lightly with lime juice. It's so delicious, I can't even tell you!

  28. about time

  29. For me, that's not "easy." Looks tasty though.

  30. Cathy Lynn Pietranton

    Looks delicious

  31. Looks great. It's hard to make good tasting vegan food. Nee more videos like this.

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  33. Plantbased Outdoors

    I'm all over that y'all!

  34. I love the recipe videos, but this one is definitely missing some cumin. Then you're good to go. Probably in the beans.

  35. Too high fat……need to protect my heart.

  36. Love it. I love the “How Not To Die Cookbook” – I have been cooking my way through it. Wonderful food!

  37. No cashews, not for this vegan (The majority of cashews come from India and Vietnam, and picking them isn't an easy process. Cashew apples have several tough layers that need to be discarded, and those layers are toxic. Workers earn a pittance for shucking cashews, and many of them have suffered permanent damage from the toxic liquid that the shells release. An expose by Time magazine uncovered Vietnamese cashews are often the product of forced labor camps staffed by people addicted to drugs, and they coined the term "blood cashews." No matter how much you love the taste of cashews, is it worth that?)

  38. Thank you for the recipe ! I made them for tonight they are delicious and so flavorful .

  39. That looks amazing, now to find a food place that makes it!

  40. Add a little bit of salt and it will taste great. ;D

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  42. More videos like this DOC

  43. And now I'm hungry.

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