Only real mean eat meat. This is what I hear in the comments. Stay tuned for more live broadcast covering vegetarian, juicing, angle juicers, weight gain, weight …


  1. Thanks Cody. That was terrific. I really like the way you've problem-solved your distaste for vital vegetables. And for those of us who have to work in jobs that give us very little time to eat, this is brilliant. Cheers

  2. Cody, you are to be commended for taking the time to explain to Jack why the things you tell him to do or not to do are important and provide explanations and examples, rather than saying "because I said so", which is all I ever heard from my old man when we were working together and I pushed back against his specific instructions to do or not do something.

  3. real men doesn't talk bullshit.

  4. This is totally not boring. You're doing an awesome thing. Keep on juicing and feel your energy levels rise :)

  5. Eating bean and cheese wraps. Using salsas and hot sauce. Eggs. Beans. Even tofu. You won't even miss the beef/pork

  6. Good for you. I've cut meat out of my diet & feel much better. Can't really go full vegan but even the small changes help. I like dairy too much! Also helped dropping coffee and drinking green tea or lemon water in the am. Good luck

  7. Thanks for the RTIC tip!

  8. But………I wanted to see you taste it!

  9. I feel that is an awesome machine but, I can't imagine paying that much for one in this lifetime.  I didn't see the link for the stainless steel food jars that you were showing.  Still a good video.  I like to try and keep up with knowing what is on the market.  Even if things are way more than the average person can afford.

  10. I looked at lots of options for using food to heal your body. I think it is great that you are doing this. I eat low fat almost vegan… I eat egg whites sometimes. The oil cravings go away and your tastes change over a few weeks…. after that month you may find veggies more palatable. I stick with Dr John McDougall's the starch solution… I have stuck with it for over a year and my blood sugar numbers are now good. Your title BTW cracked me up!!! We all know animal fats clog arteries…. men being men need good blood flow. That is all I have to say on that! :D

  11. You have to drink that juice straight after making it, don't store. Make less of it, so you can drink it in one go. And don't drink too much of it during the day. Read more about vegans and their way of life, coz it's not a diet.
    Good luck with your health, I'm sure you will become stronger, and healthier soon.

  12. hahaha "i dont really like any of them" ;)

  13. Nate van Otterloo

    Your flu like symptoms are probably blood sugar related. I'm sure you've read all the different views on Juice cleanses but just in case, here are some cautionary reminders about things to watch out for while doing a juice cleanse. Most important, get enough calories, don't spike your sugar and make sure you get enough complex fiber. Take care!

  14. i went vegan 7 yrs ago. never been healthier at 54!

  15. RTIC pronounced Artic.

  16. why not do a smoothie with all the fiber? It would seem to me that juice is good and that you would want to have a smoothie every now and then to get more fiber.

  17. Why you hating on beets? Nothing better than a pickled beet!

  18. hat's off, i couldn't keep it up, hang in there

  19. So much misinformation and ignorance in this comment section.

  20. Hey Cody, I would have gone for the Green Star Elite juicer. Have a look at OKRAW with John Koehler. Joe

  21. Little Lemon will help your smoothies stay green longer instead of "browning" up.

  22. Joanna Dyndor (Dyndorian)

    Strange question. I didn't watch the whole video since it is too long, but you said the juicer mimics a person's chewing. So why not chew the food yourself?

  23. Berries are ok, but never apples, oranges or lemons, please take my word for it,,

  24. Your videos are getting so old and annoying…I don't want to watch a 30 minute video about you removing a spark plug or explain your diet. Get back to the old stuff and stop selling out or a lot of people will be leaving.

  25. RTIC Bottles seem to be $32 for two on amazon?? any better prices??

  26. The title doesn't make any sense. Are you saying that non-real men eats vegans?

  27. Wranglerstar please don't put misleading thumbnails on your videos! I seriously thought you were going to be working in your shop while talking about the title… but not… this… :/

  28. For the difficult job of cleaning the screen, I cut down the handle of the supplied brush so it can mount in the chuck of my cordless drill. It saves a lot of time. Also, on older models you can defeat the safety mechanism that prevents the machine running without the screen by placing a magnet on the juicer immediately below and between the augers. It obviously involves a reed switch inside the fairing at that point. Whether that works on newer models I do not know.

  29. You can pick these up on eBay for $800.00 used.

  30. Cutco knives ROCK!!!

  31. a human dies, goes to the morgue and is put in a fridge, and animal is killed and put in a fridge, the human is buried in a graveyard, the animal is buried in the human stomach and intestine, humans are NOT MEANT TO BE ANIMAL GRAVEYARDS…. We are herbivores who can eat meat for survival…

  32. i went vegan but was lacking in calories…. just ate kale and carrots, craved meat again as i was probably eating 500 calories a day… no good, get on but then sorted it out… you can eat organics but you don't need to be buying super expensive stuff, KISS

  33. I feel the exact same way as you do about vegetables. I thought I was the only one! :)

  34. Vegan is just another foolish fad that's more about fashion than nutrition. If you want to enjoy optimal health a complete, balanced diet including animal products is the only way to go.

  35. after this look at Dr Mcdougal…. keep calories up eating simple cheap foods, you will never crave eating rotting animal flesh… Good too hear about this, veganism is not about hippie stuff…

  36. Wranglestar, watch Forks over knives…

  37. real men protect the innocent and the defenceless

  38. real men eat meat and real men get impotent from it! thats why viagra exist

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