Raw Vegan Weight Loss Before After Transformation

Day 382 Raw Vegan/Fruitarian/Whatever THIS IS HOW I GOT RID OF MY CELLULITE, AND LOST 70 lbs MY EBOOKS AVAILABLE NOW 30 Day Meal Plan with …


  1. I became anemic when I was vegan for a year, any solutions?

  2. amazing!!! I've been feeling exhausted and bloated too even after losing 100 lbs this is very motivating

  3. damn, amazing transformation.

  4. That's awesome you're a bombshell now good for you!

  5. Your skin is amazingly beautiful. In Australia raw foods are very very expensive, but this video definitely has inspired me to eat more of them.

  6. Do you have additional new recipe ebooks coming out? And any new discounts offered? X

  7. Thank you for sharing best documentation ever!

  8. Please can you list the names of your recipes in your ebooks as I want to order. So impressed with your recipes in You Tube.

  9. You're my inspiration , I really hope I can follow threw like you did .

  10. Veronica Maxine Pollard

    Thanks for the information, i keep forgetting your body needs different nutrients to stay stable and energized for your routines and workouts all the different things a person does in a day…low fat is the way.

  11. 5200 squats a day?

  12. What size of boobs you been before and after loose weight?

  13. Amazing. I am so inspired & I wanna thank you for sharing your transformation. I'm already Vegan, but I am going Raw!

  14. Linda Puertes Deals

    very inspiring, but what about muscle loss on raw vegan diet? most raw vegan people look skinny w no booty or gamstring and just look like skinny yogi people?

  15. Wow you look great. I found you through jacks channel. Great job and keep it up and keep spreading the love


    congrats girl, love it !

  17. Congrats on the great results from all of your hard work :)

  18. Inspirational! Thank you for sharing. That is so brave.

  19. Awesome results. Thank you for sharing your testimony. I and my wife are in our 50s and 60s and are seriously considering the 100% raw food diet. I know with all my heart that we need to do this. It is a big step on a fruitfull journey of health and happiness. God bless you.

  20. great content – keep up the good work and feel your best :-)

  21. This video really inspired me. I remember watching this when I first started my whole foods vegan journey in January (not raw), after taking before pictures and looking and feeling horrendous. I've slowly lost around 10kg throughout the year, without even really trying and without starving myself, just by cutting out the dairy and eggs I was so addicted to (I'd been vegetarian since childhood) and running twice a week. I'm now almost at a healthy weight and nearly reached my goal. My next goal is to start hitting the gym to tone up, and you have inspired me yet again.

  22. Julie Washkau (beautybymissjulie)

    Congrats! This is truly inspirational.

  23. "I do a few squats here and there… 50 to 100 a day if I remember." That is way more than a few! You are amazing and you look incredible. Congratulations on finding a lifestyle that makes you feel so great!

  24. Bohemian Embassador

    Any recommendations or advice for folks a little older than you starting this lifestyle? I know there are things to consider even as a young person but I think you have to be more careful if you're older, right?

  25. WOW…your super hot now.

  26. what did you eat on your diet ? just veggs and fruit ? there was this girl on a channel that said she gained 20lbs on a raw diet because she ate how much she wanted ? is that possible ?

  27. Aliana Smithingdale

    did you just cut out everything all at once or did you have a phasing out ?

  28. I'm like your before and starting when I wake up again in the morning I'm going to keep on the straight and narrow and become an after like yours! Thank you for this video!

  29. wowwwwww i'm so inspired !

  30. Is there a way you can email me or something about a list or something of what I can eat and not to eat? I've got the "mommy tummy" and I'm having breast augmentation soon and I'd like to get healthier before that!!! Please help

  31. This is amazing! Well done, I'm glad it's made such a positive impact for you :)

  32. wow! you became such a hot chick! hummm! your body is so well balanced. unbelievable

  33. Great – thank you.

  34. You look fabulous. So glad you are feeling so well now.

  35. Can you recommend some food to get that you like the most

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