Ramen Any Vegan Or Vegetarian Will Love

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  1. Ah it has onions and garlic… 🙁

  2. I bet vegans LOVE those soft-boiled eggs, now, don't they!

  3. All I want to eat is the ramen from Naruto…

  4. the soft boiled egg isn"t vegan

  5. anyone else curious what tasty does with the food they make

  6. Tasty and Fast food

    See my chanel and my recpie's

  7. what kind of monster puts bell peppers , jalapeños , parsley in ramen….

  8. needs more bacon

  9. what if i dont have miso paste?

  10. Alicia Seecharan

    Ooo so yummy for everybody

  11. sripushkar julapally

    doesn't miso have bonito flakes in it?

  12. 296 Dislikes because there is half soft-boiled egg in it

  13. Don't the noodles themselves contain egg?

  14. You know i haven't seen any puns lately so..

    I would tell you na joke a bout vegetables but
    No one would CARROT ALLL!

  15. Cuz eggs are vegan xD

  16. Wait, vegans can eat eggs?

  17. tbh this looks amazing but I'm not even vegan

  18. I would like to quote a comment that i found here that made me…chuckle?
    ''no affence to vegans but dont yall not eat anythng that was once living news flash plants are living and veggies come from plants.''
    So, folks, veggies come from plants. Wake up America.
    But in all seriousness why did i see at least 5 comments saying they only came here to dislike? I don't understand this kind of mentality. All i saw was extremely mean and stupid words, followed by 'LOL VEGANS GET SO TRIGGERED' no shit Linda how can i not be triggered by complete stupidity.
    You say this looks bland, insinuating it's bland because there's no meat, but don't say anything when in all the other videos they season meat using salt and pepper. What the hellll if you're going to comment about blandess then do it to that unseasoned chicken breast too.
    Well yeas have a good day and read a book.

  19. Why on Earth would you simmer mushrooms for 3 hours???

  20. Christie Gibson

    Need to be careful about kimchi. It's usually made with a kind of fermented fish/shrimp paste, so it's not always vegetarian

  21. hey, meateaters could like this too.

  22. i love mushrooms :9

  23. You don't fry with sesame oil. Wtf

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