Rainbow Bento Snack Boxes! Colorful Vegan + Vegetarian Recipes Inspiration! – Mind Over Munch!

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  1. I don't love berries and chocolate, but I am glad I watched this video; I needed the ideas and inspiration for healthy snacks.

  2. WingsOfBlackAndWhite

    I wish I could eat these but so many of them have coconut in them :/

  3. I can't believe this happened you combine my two favorite things rainbows and Bento boxes I literally have my restroom decorated everything with rainbows LOL

  4. I like your videos a lot and I think that your recipes are really good, but I wish you would make videos about lunches that don't require as much time and as many ingredients, because I don't have enough time to make all of these recipes for a lunch. No hate intended 🙂

  5. She is so white.

  6. moonlight _chill06

    She's adding too much salt

  7. Where are my measurements?! Maybe I missed a link or something but.. this annoys the shit out of me

  8. Why are you talking like that?

  9. Can you plz make more bento box lunches plz!!!

  10. I didnt know purple pitatoes exist!

  11. Filipinos call purple sweet potato “ube”

  12. OK, I give up…what is a "bento box?"

  13. Kimono Ke /Dark Ke

    Hi! This is something I would love to try just to do something cute for my friends and siblings. However there are nut and coconut allergies within said group. Are there any alternatives to those ingredients in these snack boxes?

  14. ꧁༺ imayelogrr ARMY ༻꧂


  15. Meghan? Is that you?

  16. Montana Champagne

    This isn't vegan st saying

  17. What the actual fuck ??

    please adopt me.

  18. What’s the paste that you added at cucumber sammies?

  19. What’s the

  20. Love you a lot thank you so much for giving our children such of healthy and beautiful snack thank you so much

  21. No affence but gelotan is veagen or vegetarian

  22. I'm allergic to cashews so I can't make part of the lunches

  23. The red its fantastic

  24. Love u

  25. Its fantatsic

  26. It's been a while so I hope I get a reply- does anyone have a substitute for coconut butter for the purple breakfast bars? I can't find it anywhere, not even Whole Foods

  27. Dose she not known vegans don't eat eggs

  28. Wow… weird but it sounds delicious I really want to try the rasberry w/chocolate ‘cause almost.. actually every thing you make looks and sounds delicious!!

  29. 4:00 mins I have that same mould

  30. Omg finally a bento that fits me

  31. I was about to subscribe when I remembered I already subscribed before I moved and didn't have my computer for like a month or two xD

  32. Please do more!

  33. Almost a million subscribers

  34. Jus luking at ur meal plans makes me feel healthy

  35. Purple is my fave!!!!!

  36. Do one bento box with each color of the rainbow in it please!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Do you think I could use a japanese sweet potato instead of a purple one for the breakfast bars?

  38. Yummmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  39. so fun and creative i cant wait to make these for school!!

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