QUICK VEGAN BREAKFASTS | @avantgardevegan by Gaz Oakley

SMASHED AVO | SAUTEED MUSHROOMS | CARAMELISED BANANAS | MANGO YOGHURT BOWL | ACAI BOWL Vegan 100 T-shirt – https://www.avantgardevegan.com/store Full written recipe – https://www.avantgardevegan.co…


  1. So when are you opening up your on restaurant?

  2. I'm in love.

  3. when you brought the caramelized banana one to the table you looked like it was physically painful for you to put the plate down and walk away lmao i undertstand though brother 🙂

  4. Gaz your food is SO pretty.

  5. whenever english speakers say açaí, it comes out soooooo cute

  6. FYI, it's healthier the peel the avocado rather than scoop it. That way you get all of the greenest outer layer. That's where avos are most nutrient dense.

  7. Thank you very much. Simple and so yummie. Super!!!!

  8. My gf likes to eat as many nuts as she can when she's home too

  9. Makeup TihVuhShik

    Are maybe macros in book please?

  10. Makeup TihVuhShik

    not many vegans prepare such healthy meals! Perf! love it

  11. looks so delicious! I love potteries he uses as much as his recipes.

  12. Where do you buy your plates? They're beautiful!

  13. Brittney Dennis

    Gaz i have a question where did you get the coconut yogurt and the flakes from?

  14. Always such a joy watching your videos!

  15. Woo Hoo Cuties

    Bought your book gave it to my son in law, his mate and finally to one of my sons so had to order again for me, just ordered the promising Xmas book. Love your ideas, style and vintage setting too 🙂 Thanks keep up the good work!

  16. Omg love that you made great big portions! That's the amount of food I eat!

  17. I am not vegan, but I love to eat anything good. These videos are always stunning and have helped to inspire me to cut even more meat from my diet when I can. You make food beautiful and full of passion. This is how I love to eat.

  18. Lenora Trammell

    Oh my goodness You are Inspirational; the breakfast food looks divine!!! I am enjoying your cook book and making the recipes, its very easy to follow, and I'm becoming my family's Vegan chef!!!… No restaurant to open for me too busy enjoying the privacy of my kitchen.  I love the photography, and plants, the whole atmosphere is so inviting.  I have created a similar look in my living kitchen area.  Much success to you Gaz Oakley, Stay encouraged!!! Much Vegan Love….

  19. Yum….you make it look so delicious…..

  20. Elizabeth Shaw

    I am disabled and truly cannot afford books which is the sadness of my life because books make me feel safe and I love a good book. Where can I find the recipe for your cream cheese because I obviously can't buy your book.

  21. Elizabeth Shaw

    I don't like mango. I have a Vitamix. I have waited years to be able to say that. There is no nutrition in the skin of fruits and vegetables perhaps a bit of fiber but all of you keep saying there is nutritional value to the skin and there's more in the skin than anywhere else! You are unequivocally wrong sir. Elizabeth MD PhD nutrition science

  22. I've tumers in my body and I am waiting for lab results to see if they're cancer or not ! Your videos have inspired me a lot I am new to the Vegan world I decided to let my body fight . Thank you for the amazing videos you make life look better.

  23. yes to all of this! 🙂

  24. ..washing mushrooms??!?

  25. Thanks Gaz. Just bought your book so look forward to trying some of your stuff.

  26. I‘m so sad Avocado is that bad for the environment 🙁


    once again im sitting here salivating lol thanks for that ..p.s where do u buy ur bowls, plates and boards? love them

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