click to show more☟ Who would have thought wholesome eating could be so quick and easy? In this video I share with you 3 breakfast and 3 morning snack …


  1. I'm so excited to try these out this week!

  2. I wish i could eat all this in the morning ☹

  3. What are the different kind of breads you use? where do you buy them?

  4. ABSOLUTELY LOVE your recipes and videos!!! Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. Thank you ever so much for all your great videos. I enjoy watching them ever so much as they are a such good inspiration for healthy eating and lifestyle ☺ Greetings from Germany …Simone

  6. Hi ! Love ur video… do u prep them during week end??

  7. These videos are an answer to a prayer. I am focusing on improving my health this year and although exercise is now an enjoyable natural part of my routine, food has been a concern. This is naturally my style of food but you have really made it extra special, interesting, delicious and doable and I'm excited to make a lifestyle change from trying to eat less to simply eating better.

  8. I wish I'd subscribed before! i just started my plant-based diet late last year and need more ideas for breakfast. Thanks Sadia! You are such an inspiration! Will keep on watching your videos 🙂

  9. greaaaat ideas <3 but i guess the bento's are too small and I will use diffenrent lunch-boxes 😉

  10. Don't the crackers get really soggy after a while though?

  11. New subscriber here: OBSESSED with your videos!!! You are stunning <3

  12. thanks for the inspiration. great videos and original ideas !! i'll keep watching for sure 🙂

  13. Hi Sadia
    I just found your videos and I fell in love with you and your channel
    I don't know why you don't have more subscribers you are amazing and your videos are filled with interesting ideas and are so relaxing actually it's like meditating
    Happy birthday dear and I wish you love and joy in your life

  14. I've found the easiest way to "peel" a kiwi is to cut the ends off, squeeze a spoon between the meat and the skin and go around in a circle. The inside pops out, whole, and the skin is off. 🙂

  15. I love your channel. I too am vegan seven years now. Regards and good luck , Carmen from Puerto Rico.

  16. Great ideas!!

  17. Hey, I love the simplicity, calm and beauty of your videos.
    I wanted to ask/ point out that you keep saying tea is hydrating. My teachers taught me the exact opposite. While tea is healthy for you and medicinal even, it absolutely does not hydrate the body. Here's why, tea is most often made from the roots and leaves of plants. Both when ingested absorb even more water in your body. You can easily see this effect when you drink room temperature tea. It dries you mouth out. That is why we drink tea hot or chilled. You want to drink two cups of water for every one cup of tea to rehydrate your body from the effects of the tea, same with coffee.
    What are your thoughts?

  18. Ohh I just found your channel and love it! If you ever want to do a collab let me know 😉 Subbed!

  19. Love your videos!

  20. Hey Hey 🙂 Just subscribed! Greetings from Bali! 😉

  21. Delicious!!

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