Quick Tomato Sabji | Easy To Make Vegetarian Recipe | Ruchi’s Kitchen

Learn how to make Quick Tomato Sabji, an easy to make vegetarian homemade recipe by Ruchi Bharani Tomato sabji is a quick, simple and tasty dish from the …


  1. Yummy, seems to be.. Will try for sure..! Mam, any videos for baby corn recipes..

  2. will not this curry be sweet of jaggery is added..????

  3. nice

  4. thanks@ Divya iyer

  5. what oil u will use

  6. Crappy

  7. Can we skip jaggery??

  8. What is the purpose of adding white lentils?

  9. can I know the total amount of water used to make this curry

  10. waiting for anushruti recipes

  11. nice thank you so much

  12. mast

  13. perfect side dish recipe ..thanks for sharing

  14. woooow, easy, simple and delicious recipe too. it worth trying it . Thank you for sharing.

  15. nice i will try it thanks ruchi ☺

  16. can I know the total amount of water used to make the curry

  17. Bhumika Brahmbhatt

    Nice I try it very tasty

  18. easy

  19. which tomatoes u have used

  20. Tasty

  21. WoW so simple & seems tasty too.

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