Quick-Roasted Veggie Bowl Recipe • Tasty

This quick-roasted veggie bowl makes a super easy weeknight dinner, especially with fresh vegetables from Kroger! Subscribe to Tasty: https://bzfd.it/2ri82Z1 …


  1. Quick roast…what they don't tell you is that there are 5+ roasting sessions to get through it.

  2. Sushiman Chef Brahim مطبخ سوشي


  3. So waste of time. For a single bowl of veggies?

  4. The idea that someone isn't scraping out that cup of tahini with a spatula INFURIATES ME. Like, how dare you waste those extra tablespoon of tahini, you privileged punks

  5. I'm so triggered by the two chickpeas she didn't season

  6. That’s so much oil. Good thing you didn’t call it a healthy veggie bowl lol

  7. Idontwannabesocial Yay

    “Caution, tray will be HOT” ….

    …….Picks up tray with hands 2 seconds later

  8. What is faro and where can I get it from? I've never heard of it before.

  9. So much olive oil

  10. RIP my sodium levels

  11. Probably 1litre of olive oil was used..

  12. How is this quick?

  13. It looks good

  14. This looks appetizing. Mouth watering.

  15. You don't dilute Tahini with water .Quite an insult to every Middle eastern mother that is … Yogurt is your friend

  16. Looks good minus tofu

  17. There was just a Tahini recall. Check the FDA website before buying or eating tahini.

  18. What sauce can we use if we can’t get tahini

  19. too much work

  20. Do you not know what a mixing bowl is? And I love how a 50 step recipe of things that need to be cooked at different times is called "quick". This is literally one of the most complicated recipes I've seen in a while. Total fail.

  21. shannon osullivan

    Lot of oil.

  22. Can I substitute the tofu with chicken

  23. How many people is that supposed to feed? I can understand putting in that much effort and dirtying that many dishes to make dinner for a family, but for one person? Come one!

  24. Michael Bednarczyk

    Love the Kroger partnership! My favorite cooking app and my favorite grocery store!

  25. It wasn't quick…

  26. You forgot the bacon.

  27. I'll just go to a Chinese food restaurant and ask for stir fried veggies.

  28. They clickbaited us with the hyphen. It will legit take me the entire day to make this.

  29. That’s a shit ton of olive oil

  30. Too many progression, takes forever lol

  31. "quick"

  32. David!!

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