Quick Mumbai Style Tawa Pulao / Pulav ( 10 minute Vegetarian lunch box rice ) | Recipe: 185

Make this 10 minute Tawa Pulav for kids lunch box, or quick last minute lunch – Ingredients: 1Onion 1/2 Capsicum 1long green chilli 1 Tomato 1 Potato, boiled 1 …


  1. Zayan ali sulfi Sulfi

    Super taste

  2. ഇത് എന്തായാലും ഇവിടുന്ന് try ചെയ്‌ത് നോക്കും ഇന്ഷാ അല്ലാഹ്

  3. Super!
    Could you please try and do a party menu ..it will be really helpful..

  4. Very easy cooking and very nice.. thank you..

  5. Nice voice ithada voice kelkana njan video kanane. I love u umma

  6. Nice itha

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