Quick & Healthy Vegan Breakfast Ideas!

In a hurry? Start your day with one of these healthy and energizing vegan breakfasts: overnight oats with fruit and chia seeds, a tropical green smoothie, or a …


  1. Please more vegan breakfast!!:-)) Thank you great video!

  2. TruStudio::The ArtsyKnitter

    I am a new to becoming vegan cold turkey in Nov. 2016… I always struggled before with breakfast. I would love love to have another breakfast only video but it must be Sugar-free! maybe with Monkfruit sugar.For health reason, I can not have sugar at all! whatever is in fruit naturally is fine but I still try not to overdo that either. thanks so much TRU

  3. Just made the green smoothie and I'm in love, this also works with frozen spinach… not as well blended but still works. Also if you don't have mango (my grocery store currently doesn't stock it bc out of season) it still works fine with just bananas and pineapple

  4. do you have to use chia seeds because1) I have no clue what those are2) I don't have any3)I don't know where to buy them

  5. I didn't know you could eat oats raw. I need to try it. Thank you so much.

  6. these look so yummy!!!!

  7. Breakfast Recipes

    Nice …..

  8. but u can't drink milk as vegans?????

  9. TYSM for making this video it's going to help me a lot!!!!

  10. great ideas im going to make all of these

  11. this looks so yum. love vegan healthy food. Gotta look after our bodies

  12. I don't eat breakfast. I never feel hungry in the morning but I do have my coffee. For lunch who has time! Sometimes I will grab a Banana or Orange but most of the time I only have time for Bolthouse Farms Smoothie or more times than not Nothing at all for lunch. For supper I have my fruits and vegetables. or a Veggie Wrap. Not enough food/calories but with my work schedule. Bad Bad Bad. I know :(

  13. thank you for thinking about overnight food! o.j. always running late and grabbing food on the go. homemade snacks for home and classroom (not messy) would be great! also as far as breakfast goes, is cereal good or bad? Swiss cold cereal. breakfast burritos too please

  14. Oat biscuit balls: 3/4 cup of oats + one banana + some seeds/nuts (I use walnuts). Mash together really well. Roll into balls. Put in the microwave for 1-1:30 mins. And you're done! You can add maple syrup or peanut butter to the top if you want too.

  15. Would love to see more vegan breakfast ideas. There were great!

  16. This is such an awesome video!! Great ideas for breakfast; I am going to give them a go :)

  17. These are great breakfast ideas. I've tried the overnight oats and it was super easy, quick and tasted great. Please make more videos with super easy recipes. Thanks!

  18. Are you Canadian?

  19. Nuyorican & Vegan

    yes so delicious!!

  20. Love these videos!!

  21. I Dream Of England

    I don't have maple syrup =( could I use agave or organic sugar?

  22. Nice video keep it up!

  23. nice

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