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  1. Yes! I literally was just looking for some vegan breakfast recipes! These look so good.

  2. People eat chili for breakfast?

  3. Happy to report that this was in my sub box! lol idk what was wrong with the other video. Yay!

  4. hey I like the recipes but these are more lunchy type things … no? In fact I eat chickpea curry or veg soup for lunch every day now so having similar stuff for breakfast is too same same. What about Oats being a scot and all .. can you do something with them? Maybe put them with some almond milk … with fruit or something? 🙂

  5. Can you make a video on how to eat more? I notice every time I make a big meal I can never finish it. I’m vegan btw 🙂 love you and your videos <3

  6. Amazing ideas! Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  7. I love the soundtrack – what is it?

  8. You're looking extra beautiful and glowy babe! Vegan vibes ❤

  9. Your "what I eat in a day videos" are my favorite! I love seeing what healthy vegan meals you make. I just posted a what I eat in a day video–high protein as well. Its so cool to see that we both followed a healthy vegan diet, but our meals were different. Goes to show that there are so many delicious vegan foods and the vegan diet is not restricting.

  10. Great video, to the point with creative recipes 🙂 ❤️

  11. Great choices I am going to try.

  12. I swear the Chili recipe is recycled from the pasta thing, gotcha stef

  13. love it you're always at time
    you look so cute

  14. You didn't mention this, but I love that you used the same chili in this as your recent pasta bake recipe, makes it easy to prep a large amount and use it for multiple meals, breakfast, lunch or dinner and still have variety. Looking forward to 4 vids a week!!

  15. Sorry but the 2 broken nails are so irritating! haha

  16. On day three of vegan aesthetics!! I thought i was somewhat fit but your workouts are kicking my butt!!

  17. They look so yummy

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