Quick & easy breakfast ideas: Veggie scramble

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  1. Is it okay to take a green smoothie as breakfast?

  2. I love vegetables but I can't imagine to eat them for breakfast. I rather eat fruit, cereals, soy milk/yogurt, rusks with jam, cappuccino (not at the same time)

  3. Eslanda Ngariyanbam

    i like ya videos… its really work.

  4. @fitnessblender thanks for sharing!! There are tons of things I can substitute but just wondering is this for one person? 4 eggs sounds too much cholesterol!!

  5. Mmmm, i love things like this. 🙂 Definitely gonna try this recipe.

  6. Loving this cooking videos!

  7. Jennifer Nieczypor

    Is this meant for two? 4 eggs seems like a lot for one person.

  8. Charlie McGing Fitness and Nutrition

    Excellent video again.

  9. omg all these fuck idiots commenting how it's 4 eggs wah wah wah….it's for 2 people stfu.

  10. Is this for 2 people? cause you put it in one plate, but 4 egges seems a lot!

  11. Really liking all these recipe vids from you guys! <3 I also like the fact this was only 1 minute and not dragged out so unnecessarily long

  12. i like the music too

  13. I'm loving these short recipe videos! Please make more!

  14. Replace eggs with firm tofu and nutritional yeast to make this vegan. x

  15. 4 eggs + fried butter? Wow! It's indeed real food… But with saturated fat and tones of protein. I'd replace the bitter with olive oil and 1 egg I stead of 4. Thanks for the recipe!

  16. seitanismycopilot

    four eggs?? why not just smoke a pack of cigarettes instead, it's better for your heart.

  17. Does the butter gain weights ?

  18. yum looks good except mushrooms I can't do em have any ideas or other options instead of mushrooms?

  19. Aren't 4 eggs with yolk too much? I usually eat 2 whites and 1 yolk :/

  20. Same recipe, I top it with avocado and drizzle some Sriracha sauce

  21. wow look at that predatory meal..the chicken..and the stuff it ate all right there to fill is up. delicious and nutritious!

  22. Those eggs look so orange and healthy! Yummy!

  23. I might make this for dinner!

  24. I have a really embarrassing question. Recently I've started eating clean, which for me involves more fruit and salad to accompany every meal. However, I've found this is increasing my flatulence (in less posh words, farting a lot). Is it possible to eat too many vegetables and can there be any negative health effects as a result?

  25. Love your recipe videos

  26. I love how short and to the point they are!

  27. thanks I'm going to make this for my breakfast tomorrow looks delicious

  28. yes! my kind of breakfast.

  29. Yumm!!! This will be my breakfast on Saturday morning! 🙂

  30. It's not breakfast… But I think that I will have that for my dinner now!

  31. looks healthy!

  32. Looks a really delicious and healthy recipe. I normally have a bowl of Corn Flakes for Breakfast and have this type of food for a light Lunch or for Tea.

  33. fantastic looking recipe. do you think you have nutritional information for it?

    also, any ideas for food that you could eat as lunch whilst cutting that's easy to prepare?

  34. Is it healthy with butter???

  35. Nice! Looks delicious! I really enjoy eating savory things for breakfast ♡♡

  36. iluvworldwidekingdom

    I love these recipe videos! Thank you so much! You two inspire me!

  37. I love mushrooms!!!

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